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25 Hairstyles for over 50 women

About Hairstyles…

Let’s talk about stylish hairstyles for women, especially for women after 50 years. Why are we focusing on this age group? Because in youth, human hairs are at peak quality and growth levels, so there isn’t much to worry about. Youth is mostly the same for like 10 to 12 years. But as the years pass, Women who are approaching the turn of 50 years, or those who have already crossed it, need to take special care of their hairstyle. 

The following are some really descriptive and beautiful hairstyles for women with the age category of 50 or above. These hairstyles are classified into various groups so you can easily distinguish between the different characteristics and delicacy of each hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles for over 50 women

Hairstyles made on short and medium hair are especially relevant, not only do they significantly rejuvenate, but they also do not require constant care. This length allows you to look stylish at home and on holidays. It would be more logical to turn to a professional who will give competent advice on choosing the shape and color of hair.

Here are few Short Hairstyles for over 50 women:


A great choice of hairstyle for women after 50 years. This hairstyle is quite functional, it harmoniously looks on brittle and brittle hair, and does not require everyday styling.


The goddess is not necessarily a young maid with braids to the waist. The ingenious hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, when he provided one elderly client with a perky haircut from short strands, called her a goddess which truly describes the adoration you can get from the Pixy hairstyle.


Initially, this hairstyle was considered to be male, which follows even from its name, in French, it means a “boy”. But over time, the “Garzon” has changed a lot and acquired the form of elegant styling. Boyish femininity is achieved by a gradual transition from long to short hair.

4. Square

The stylish and elegant hairstyles have no age. There are several techniques for its execution, each of which is selected based on the appearance of the lady and age. Square is an alternative haircut for women after 50 years.

Hairstyles for over 50 with glasses

1.Pixie blond

This very cute and practical hairstyle is certainly a definite favorite. It does not require special care and complex styling. And the wave formation definitely puts out the edgy look when paired with a decent pair of glasses.

2. Long bean

This beautiful haircut is perfect for any face shape. It looks very relaxed, is quite universal and for these reasons is popular among all age groups.

3. Multilayer shag

This voluminous multi-layer shag creates a very delicate and feminine look. Age does not matter, and this haircut is a great confirmation of the statement!

Hairstyles for over 50 with a round face


Kare is a great haircut for ladies after 50 years. This hairstyle is generally suitable for a round face, or an oval face. In addition to the traditional version, there is still plenty to experiment like direct, asymmetric, or with a cap.

2. Cascade


The specifics of creating a cascade is as follows: hair is cut in several levels as a ladder. The length may vary from the chin to below. The hairstyle is specially created for girls with thin, not magnificent hair. Mowing the cascade on medium hair visually creates volume and increases the density of the strands.

3. Elongated caret

This haircut involves the design of the front strands elongated, torn or made according to the principle of asymmetry. This will allow you to visually adjust the shape and give the face a more correct shape. This hairstyle on even curls looks very interesting and attractive, where the occipital part is created voluminous.

Hairstyles for over 50 with oval face


This type of haircut for medium-haired 50-year old women has a unique combination of beauty and practicality in wear. It is very easy to put it at home without having to visit a salon or hairdresser daily. Sesson consists of graduated locks. If they are correctly trimmed, after washing and drying in a natural way, they themselves are able to bend and twist. 

2. Ladder

The ladder hairstyle looks stylish and elegant with an oval face. This hairstyle dramatically changes the appearance without losing the length of the hair. Ladder Haircut style came from the 70s and today, it is at the peak of its popularity. The short flight of stairs does not look too vintage and retains a classic look or gives a touch of romance to her hair.

3.Short Bob

For women who always want to stay fashionable, but do not want to spend a lot of time styling, a bob-hairstyle is suitable. She gained considerable popularity thanks to Victoria Beckham, who recently prefers this haircut. A short bob-car is perfect for girls with thin features and a thin neck. Hairstyle beautifully frames the face and adds volume to the hair. The haircut looks elegant and stylish.

Long hairstyles for women over 50


A special hit of the season for women 50 years old is a multi-level anti-aging haircut combining a bean or a bob (top) and flowing locks (can be made in the form of a short flight of stairs or a cascade). Such a hairstyle gives the necessary volume to thin and straight hair.

2. Long hair plus bangs

You do not need to think that bangs are an element of a haircut, suitable exclusively for young girls. It may be acceptable for women over 50, especially in combination with long hair; correctly selected for the type of face bangs can rejuvenate the client for several years. 

3.The waves

Immortal classic, equally attractive on any length of hair. The waves give the owner a touch of retro feel and undeniable elegance. You can create Hollywood locks at home with the help of curling irons and curlers. Such styling looks better on the “reference” light hair color or even a noble gray hair is permissible.

Hairstyles for curly hair over 50

1.Naturally Curly

Most of the time, curly hair is considered as a source of vast energy and positivity. If you have a clear cut curly hair, you should consider the Naturally curly hairstyle. This hairstyle is fairly easy to wear as all you have to do is wash the hair and let them dry naturally. 

2. Middle Parted Curly

Sometimes, it is better to nurture the uneven by a small amount. Middle parted curly hair displays tidiness along with a spark of fun. To achieve this hairstyle, all you have to do is straighten the hair in the middle portion a little bit and part on both sides with a suitable comb.

3. Short Wavy

Another great way to wear curly hair is to wear them as Wavy hairs instead of completely curly. For that, simply straighten the hair a little bit after a shower and then let them dry naturally. 

Short hairstyles over 50 overweight

1.Favorite Caret

Caret or Kare, like bob, does not go out of fashion and continues to unite a huge number of fans from season to season. Lovers of classic haircuts and hairstyles with lush body volumes can safely choose this option.

2.Bold half-box and pixie

In the arsenal of ultra-short haircuts there are also options suitable for full women. An important point is to preserve the natural proportionality of the silhouette as much as possible because, with the disposal of the bulk of the hair, the bulk of the upper body is also lost. 

3.Unobtrusive hat

A hat-shaped haircut is one of the oldest and, therefore, traditional hairstyle designs. For women with a full figure, a hat is a great option if it is performed with such elements:

  • The shortest nape.
  • Triangular whiskey.
  • Oblique bangs.

Short hairstyles for over 50 with fine hair

1.Short layered

It is well known that maintaining thin hair is a piece of work. The thin hair is unstable and annoying. Hence, it is a good option to cut the thin hairs short and in a layered manner.

2.Corner square

Similar to the hairstyle Square, Corner square can also be worn to accomplish good looking thin hair. This hairstyle is very popular is easy to maintain.

3.Aurora Haircut

This is a time consuming abut pretty charming hairstyle. To wear the Aurora haircut, simply choose a hair color that suits your skin the best and obtain a layered cut from a professional hairdresser.


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25 Hairstyles for over 50 women

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