If you are a newbie parent or welcoming another bundle of joy into the family, one of the things you must have in your emergency kit at home is a baby nasal aspirator. This contraption suctions out mucus from the nose to make your kids feel better. Unfortunately, young children get around two to a dozen colds per year because of their immature immune system. And because they are still young, they don’t know how to blow their noses. As such, you need this handy-dandy device to make your life so much easier. It is a time to leverage technology and get yourself a motorised version. Here’s why:

1. Takes Away Stress

Any parent will vouch that dealing with sick congested children is no walk in the park. Unfortunately, the traditional manual bulb syringe aspirators from the pharmacy hardly work. You need to poke it up to your kid’s nose several times to get the bulb to work. Unfortunately, sick children are fussy, and they don’t like you poking them with that old school contraption. It’s uncomfortable, to say the least. They may cry a lot and throw a fit which makes their noses even more clogged. 

Hence, you need a motorised version that is clinically proven to clear snotty noses in just seconds. There’s no need to wrestle with your sick kid to get the aspirator to work. The right device will definitely ease your stress away. As a parent, you don’t want your children to suffer when their little noses are blocked and stuffed up. 

2. Offers a More Hygienic Solution

The old baby nasal aspirator collects the snot in a rubber or silicone chamber that is very hard to clean. You have to put it under running water to take off the snot. Sadly, there’s no way to dry the interior effectively, so there’s a chance of mould and mildew growth in such a damp and dark environment. This is harmful to your children. Additionally, there’s a version that relies on your mouth with a silicone tube to do the suction. That’s just not very user-friendly or safe for you as the parent! 

In contrast, your motorised and more modern aspirator is so much easier to clean and sanitise. You can take out the chamber and clean it off with an antibacterial wipe. Then you can also dry it up properly. It really provides you with a more hygienic solution to deal with mucus. You can ensure that germs don’t fester within your gadget. 

3. Offers a Safe and Effective Solution

The new version of the nose aspirator comes with super durable, soft silicone nozzles. All of them come in the proper shape and right size that can comfortably fit in children’s little nose holes. It is totally reusable so you can buy this with confidence knowing you are a good steward of the planet. 

Most of all, this is scientifically tested to suction at the right strength. Of course, your wee ones deserve only the best. You can’t have a suction that provides excessive power because it may hurt them. At the same time, it can’t be too weak either in order to draw out all the gunk. You can rest at ease, knowing that these devices have undergone safety standard testing and come with proper certifications. It is not a wonder why many pediatricians, midwives, lactation consultants, and other professionals recommend this to parents. 

Final Wrap Up

Be prepared for any sniffles when you have a little one. As their responsible and loving parents, it is your job to clear their noses when they still don’t know how to blow. With a clear nose, you can help your babies breathe, sleep, and eat better.

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