In the modern busy corporate environment, one often finds themselves in a state of disarray from a host of duties they are scheduled to perform at any particular time. One thing that people usually ignore is the element of refreshing their brain occasionally, as the amount of work to be done always surpasses the time allocated. Nonetheless, rib-cracking laughs between periods of work can not only motivate, but also make one feel less tired. Humor serves to refresh your brain and enhance your creativity. At the workplace therefore, take short breaks from the duty to watch some comic strips of even office cartoons- after all, work without play made Jack a dull boy. Some of the best work place comic strips and cartoons that will leave you in stitches are outlined here below.

1. The Glass Ceiling

One thing most people value is a hearty laugh, it saves you the frown which only expedite wrinkle-growth on your face. With funny phrases like, ‘They’ve been like this ever since Mary presented her report. It’s the worst case of paralysis by analysis I’ve ever seen! The glass ceiling will make you laugh your work-worries away and renew your energy to work even more.

2. Not a Morning Person

And here comes another cartoon that will leave your stomach hurting at the workplace. Not a morning person also commonly referred to as the ‘Early Morning Meeting’ highlights funny events office people undergo from the time they wake up until the leave for their jobs. So yeah, the cartoon not only lets you laugh yourself silly but also touches on your real life.

3. When I Grow Up

Ha! Ha! Ha! I just laughed. Ever wondered what happened to your ‘huge’ childhood dreams? Well, you will reflect on your ‘I want to be a rocket scientist’ dream and wonder what happened to it, now that you are just clueless sitting there flipping from one accounting sum to the other.

4. The Maternity Leave

If you are a corporate-woman, you might probably be interested in this gut-splitting comic strip. Imagine the day your maternity leave application was approved; now, imagine yourself three months later reporting to work. Confused and acting like a newbie, the faces and cues plus the actions that characterize the corporate manager in this short strip will leave you roaring with laughter.

5. Only A Military Man

This comic strip focuses on leadership at the workplace. Wallowing in the miasma of confusion, various characters in this strip cannot to agree who should and who should not be a leader. As one man thinks only a military man has the patriotism to be a leader, the other insists that a business has the required experience to, yet the third one feels that the scientist has the required intelligence; as if not enough, another oppose suggest that lawyers are the best. Who do you think is the best? As you search your mind for the answer, time is whiling away. In addition to letting you laugh yourself to tears, this office cartoon makes those long eight working hours seem like seconds.

On the whole, despite the laughter, the fun and the comedy, you have to complete your task for the day. It is therefore only fair that you watch very short comic strips which will not take much of your time and compromise your work. Mentioned above are such strips.

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