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SEO is definitely a huge task. Not only one has to keep in mind so many aspects of the trade, but it is also a fight to keep the content in tune with the new trends. Moreover the SEO needs to be in tune with the crawlers and the algorithms which are redesigned on a regular basis.

One of the major processes towards better SEO is link building. Link building is a process that involves linking two or more sites together. This helps to attract traffic or readers, thereby making the website(s) popular.

Link building can be one of the best ways to market your website, and also can be instrumental in achieving higher ranks in organic searches.

There are lots of SEO Tools that can be used for link building, but it is very necessary about the choice as bad and broken links can be bad for your site.

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The Internet has a huge number of online tools that can help you not only in building proper link building but also in maintain the links properly.

They also assist in tracking the popularity of your website. Here is a list of some of the best tools for Online Tools to Check Link Popularity of your website.

1. Link Analyzers of the Page:

There are numerous websites that offer to analyze a given web page. They provide a table of data as a feedback that contains outbound links and the associated anchor texts in a column format.

Images providing hyperlinks are also represented with their alt texts. Of some of the most popular ones are the SEO Chat’s Site Link analyzer and other online link analyzer websites and web-tools.

2. Link building tolls from Solo SEO:

This SEO management tool from Solo SEO not only builds links but also helps in Link management. The tool is also capable of tracking relevant inbound links to the website which is relevant.


The strength of the links can be analyzed while tracking them by this tool.

The tool is a premium, but a free trial version is available to test its effectiveness and usability.

The Majestic SEO
5 Online Tools

3. Link Building: BuzzStream

This is a very popular website and boasts of having a very effective and efficient link tracking tools. With the help of link building process they are specialized in relationship building.

Link detection and relationship management is taken care of along with the developments of Link management and suggestions. New link opportunities can also be added with the help of different browsers also.

Free trial facility to judge the effectiveness and efficiency is available before buying.

4. Raven SEOTools:

Raven SEO Tools is one of the major service providers when it comes to link tracing. They also provide a complete and comprehensive package of SEO tools. The link status and link data of the website can be managed and maintained by the tools.

The special notification system alerts you in case of any change in the active links. Also changes in anchor texts or page rank of the site are also notified using special notification by this SEO Tool from Raven.

5. The Majestic SEO:

One of the few online SEO tracker tools that can be used to track one’s own website as well as competitor’s web site for a detailed report. The popularity of the website can be assessed on a number of factors that can be scanned.

Pages, index and all other features of the page can be scanned and detailed reports of every aspect can be obtained. Reports of anchored texts and unique links can also be accessed and analyzed.

The information can be obtained on a daily basis or on specific time frames a set by the user.Conclusion:


It is very important to analyze the links to understand the popularity of the website. The internet is full of online tools and sites offering to do just that for you.

Many of them are free and some are paid, but look into all the features before using them and take a second opinion on the results obtained before acting on them.



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