Pregnancy is an exciting time for all parents, especially for the mother. In Australia, there are more than 6 million mothers, and while they are all different in their own ways, they do share a unique similarity; the anticipation of the baby’s arrival. After all, bringing a new person into this world is no simple task. It is enough to make you want to splurge on the best or most thoughtful baby shower gift you could come up with.

You can find many places that offer baby gifts in Australia that can encapsulate the enormity of the moment can be a daunting experience itself, but here are some pretty good suggestions to help you on your way:

Gifts made with love.

Handmade booties, caps, socks, and baby wearables are often first on the list as baby shower gift ideas. The mother-to-be will appreciate all the time, effort, and creativity poured on these handmade presents. These gifts are hard to forget, often becoming keepsakes as the baby outgrows them.

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets and beddings are also on top of any expectant mother’s list. Newborns sleep most of the time, that is why mothers prefer to have many of these comfy baby blankets and beddings. A hand-knitted baby blanket is not easy to discard, sometimes passed on to another sibling or even another generation. You can also have the blanket embroidered with the baby’s name for a more personal touch.

Nappy Cakes

Nappy cakes are quite a trend now and have become a staple in many baby shower parties. Not only do they make the most beautiful baby shower gifts, but they are also the most practical because everything in it is useful to either the baby or the mother. They make for excellent Baby Girl Gifts but are also good for the little guys.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers to supermarkets and baby stores make brilliant baby shower gifts. Having a baby means a lot of expenses, especially for couples who are only starting out, and a gift voucher to buy baby necessities can be a breath of fresh air.

Baby Clothes

Babies grow so fast that new parents can never have enough of these baby clothes. To help them with the baby’s wardrobe, give baby clothes that are bigger or in various sizes. Mothers will greatly appreciate this type of baby shower gift.

Baby Dummies

New mothers would appreciate these charming little dummies that come with different upgrades as well. These baby pacifiers come with clips you can attach on clothes for when the baby starts dropping and throwing things away. You can also choose a dummy with a built-in digital thermometer, a great idea which new mothers would find useful.

Muslin Wraps

A muslin wrap is among a new mother’s must-haves for many practical purposes. It can be handled as a burp cloth, a swaddle, a light blanket, or a scarf. It is a perfect gift for would-be mothers who plan to be hands-on with their babies.

The baby shower is the first official event on the way to motherhood. It allows the mother-to-be to share the journey of pregnancy with friends and family. There are quite a few options when you search for websites that sell baby gifts in Australia and doing so can really come in handy when you’re short on ideas or time. But keep in mind that the most important thing is to enjoy the moment and make it memorable.


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