Are attractive women hired because of their looks?

Today’s scenario, looks are something being taken care of by every individual whether be a man or a woman but for most this is a matter of intense care specially or women. To look attractive at the workplace, some women lighten their hair, replace glasses with contact lenses and wear high heel shoes.

Studies reveal that managing appearance is one of the major perspectives for professional women to walk: there’s both a bonus and a penalty to being attractive in the workplace. Some researches suggest women who take more care in their appearance earn higher incomes, while on the other hand, women are seen as less capable or less qualified for their positions.

Traci Sitzmann, a management professor belonging to the University of Colorado in Denver says: the simplest part of a woman’s face- her hair and mainly the color of her hair really can make a difference in how she is seen at work. But these perceptions can be a reason for women to get hurt at the workplace.

Are attractive women hired because of their looks?
Are attractive women hired because of their looks?

“We all have stereotypes of what it means to be a brunette, what it means to be a redhead versus a blonde,” she says. “The problem is you want women to go to work … and rise to the upper echelons of the organization. Not to sit there and manage their hair color.”

Professor Jaclyn Wong from the University of Chicago specifies the two aspects for being “attractive:” the first one is our natural appearance (symmetrical features, height) and second is the things we work on (grooming, makeup, wardrobe selection). Her research clearly found that the latter makes a remarkable difference in how women are perceived.

“So our interpretation of our findings is that for women, all of these beauty practices are more about controlling women’s behavior than it is about ‘oh, we love beautiful people,'” she says.

Wong typically emphasizes that, at different stages of a woman’s career, the perception is different and varies from one woman to the other.

Many women are awarded in the early stages of their careers, but when the C-suite is crossed, everything changes.

According to Professor Wong, “Once women get into managerial positions, positions of leadership, positions of power, beauty becomes a liability because our stereotypes around beauty are that they’re incompatible with capability.”

“So if you’re too beautiful, maybe you’re not that competent. Maybe you’re a ‘dumb blonde.’ That’s a lot more true for women than it is for men.”


However, other studies have revealed the fact that high achieving women have 6 personality traits. Another researcher now emphasizes the fact that for surviving a high-pressure environment stress tolerance is mandatory and for him this is actually one of the key aspects of personality. Many interviewers o

Also look for such kind of traits while interviewing and when it comes to testing the resilience and stress handling, the following six traits are bang on. These traits have actually nothing to do with the looks of an individual, these are basically quality based traits.

1) Straight forward approach

Being straight forward in industry or at workplace means a lot. One should be able to put the correct things in front of the clients. You should be frank and clever enough to handle everything with the right attitude. One should rationally state the case but not emotionally.

2) Aggressiveness

Being a woman, the word aggressiveness sounds like a negative word, but it is one of the necessary characteristic one should possess just to have control over the things and to make the right things happen at the workplace.

It’s ‘constructive’ aggression, if you like – because it has to be balanced by…

3) Emotional Assistance

Being a leader at the workplace one should be able to understand every other one’s emotions as we all are humans and go through one or the other emotions like fear, weakness, success or failure during different stages of life. We should try to listen t and understand the feelings of others. This makes the environment more friendly and improves an individual’s performance. But where the successful woman probably makes her mark is being understanding, without allowing sentimentality to throw everything off-course.

4) Ego strength

Ego sounds like aa very big word but when taken positively, it boosts confidence and overcome challenges which is important when you aim to be at the top.There’s nothing arrogant about knowing your strengths and displaying them.

5) Energy

An energy filled day is started well with some exercises, a good diet and plenty of water which keeps you very well inspired and active throughout the day. It also enhances the quality of your performance.

When you are energetic enough you will never feel martyred about a heavy workload whether it’s a long or hectic day.

Leaders tend only to feel like that when they’re knackered; most of the time, the challenge itself is re-energizing.

Are attractive women hired because of their looks?
Are attractive women hired because of their looks?

6) Stress tolerance

As I have earlier mentioned in this article, stress tolerance is mandatory at any workplace. If you feel stressed, give yourself some alone time to manage our stress levels, drinking a glass of water or listening to your favorite music can help lowering your stress levels to a great extent.

The conclusion as per the current scenario is that looks do matter a lot in terms of getting a job. It is quite obvious that companies are hiring mainly those female candidates who look charming and attractive. People with facial disfigurements, scars or birthmarks are less likely to get good ratings in an interview as published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Mikki Hebl, a professor of psychology at Rice University said: “The bottom line is that how your face looks can significantly influence the success of an interview”. “There have been many studies showing that specific groups of people are discriminated against in the workplace, but this study takes it a step further, showing why it happens. The allocation of attention away from memory for the interview content explains this.”


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