Basketball Shoes for Women – Top Things to Look For

The rule of picking is “benefits first!” How can the said shoes help you achieve precision on the court? Shoes should not be a burden to you; rather, they’re meant to augment your already existing potentials and give you the edge while you take on the game. This focus and target is a truly big deal; trust me.

You are the expert, you should know what you need when you stand before a shoe with a high price tag and accurately bypass all the glamor and see the shoe for what it truly is. Can this shoe suit me here?

We’ve come up with certain parameters you should take along with you to help you choose like a pro.

  1. Is it comfortable?

You do not want to have to battle both the game and your shoe on the court, and as such, you must put this primarily in mind. It’s as good as saying, “A bad shoe is a bad game.”

Does it have the capacity to protect your feet from injuries? One litmus test you can carry out with this is to check the heel collar; is it padded? If yes, is it smooth? This is very necessary for “balancing and for having peaceful heels.”

After you’ve done that successfully, check the mid and the inner portions of the sole (the insole) to see if it can support your feet. Can this help keep my feet safe when I land? This is an important question because come on; it’s basketball we’re talking about here.

If you don’t want “tired feet,” then scrutinize your shoes for arch support. Your shoes must be able to follow the correct outline of the arches of the foot, and this will help keep your foot in an almost natural position during the game.

If a shoe isn’t fit for you, don’t expect comfort. You must investigate this and be sure before giving away your cash.

  1. Is it hygiene-friendly?

This is important. What material is it made of? Is it easy to maintain? You should ask these questions. Find out if, by constant washing, it would wear out easily or not. Canvas, leather, etc. are the most common. Do your research and find out which material would crack under heat and wear out easily.

Basketball Shoes for Women – Top Things to Look For
Basketball Shoes for Women – Top Things to Look For
  1. Grading

Three grades of shoes exist. The high tops, the mid-tops, and the low tops. These are classified based on their heights. High tops are designed to reach high above your ankle. They support your ankle and give you balance.


Mid tops are also a good choice when you have ankle support at the back of your mind. They also give good balance.

If it’s lightning speed you want, you’ll be interested in Low tops. The sad thing is that no protection for your ankles means 100% exposure to injuries; you’ll not be a stranger to sprain.

  1. Weight is Key

Don’t let gravity mess you up. Your speed is as important as your focus in the game. Do you know that the type of material that makes up the shoe is a major factor that contributes to the weight?

So, when deciding on the material, think of the weight.

  1. Thinking “Out of the court”?

Some people would love to rock their basketball shoes out of court. That’s smooth. Then, you should look at the design. Imagine wearing high tops to a casual get together; So weird!

  1. Lacing and support

Your shoelaces should be picked based on function primarily above aesthetics. As you move rapidly during the game, can you bank on them?

This should give your feet a firm grip needed to complete the game. You also must be knowledgeable about adapting a lacing method that works. Bad lacing means easy spraining.

A combo would usually be best for you; I mean Straps and laces together. Straps augment the functioning and positioning of laces and keep you safe. If you also find shoes with zippers, they’re also a good option.

  1. Grip and Friction

Your shoes must hug your feet as you play. Focus on the threading and the kind of sole. You don’t want to slide or jump and then have an injury from bad landing because your shoes could not give you the beautiful gift of friction.

  1. Price

This is an important part of any purchase. You want to go with something that is in line with your budget.

The following are shoes you can try out today:


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