We often indulge in the fact that being busy can help us to ignore many unnecessary interventions. You can simply close your eyes from the rest of the world and stay occupied with what’s essential and necessary. Well, I second the idea of being busy and do what you mean to do better.

Busy or pretending to be working: what are you doing?

Emma and Mila are two different types of people: only two, who are comparative, opposite to each other and with different characteristics. Between them Emma is among the ones, who stay busy and spend the most hours of the day, doing productive stuff, learning new things, trying new ideas, experimenting with their lifestyle changes and run out of time at the day out.

Then there is another species, called Mila, who is acting to be busy for the entire day. Acting because she is in love with the concept of being busy without actually being so. I mean that, at the end of the day, she too runs out of time. But alas! If one can judge the productivity of Mila for the day, it’s as less as zero. Thus, it is clear that she doesn’t make the best use of her time. She lets her time to swirl-swirl-swirl and gets tangled into it.

But being pretendingly busy can get you nothing

Emma, like many other peoples, starts her day with planning. She spends some hours to decide how she will follow the routine of that day, working, eating, sleeping, enjoying or doing whatever. She fixates reasonable time for each of her task and rests only when she achieves her daily targets. Her time before bed is spent analyzing herself.

In the case of Mila, she follows a different lifestyle- an intimidating one. She wakes up with no plan. Then she starts her day with surfing the social media accounts to check who and who have liked her posts or other useless stuff. Then after the day is half passed, she plans to do some work. The work starts with thinking about what she can do for the day. The usage of mobile phone, social network, many power naps peep into her work-time in-between.

If you can judge both the scenario, you can understand that being busy is utterly different from being productive. If you are focused, competent and known to the fact that the best use of everything can get you to want, then you can get enough time to do other stuff too.

But if Mila reflects your personality then boss you are suitable for nothing. Neither are you being busy, nor you are free to do other things.

Rest a while, being busy and tired won’t win you trophies

Similar to other vital factors, we need enough time to take rest. You can easily survive a week being on a food diet. But think about how you can feel being on a sleep diet. If you don’t allow your body to take enough rest for 6 to 8 hours, how it can function efficaciously?

If you turn on a machine and leave it to stay switched on for hours and hours, what will happen next? It will simply collapse. Same goes with your life and body too. Enough resting gets you a restored and revamped body functioning. You don’t need to drag your body and don’t need to push it instead, to do the required and mandatory stuff, You body stays hydrated from inside out and stays active to let you do your works.

A restless, busy and tired body is a home for many negative factors, including dizziness, laziness, a brain without recreation and may be many diseases. Insomnia, poor digestion, Ineffective brain functioning are among the consequences that you encounter when staying “Busy” is what you choose.

Don’t just stay busy, give your mind to breath for a while

It is a complete myth that you only need to sleep to get rest. The significant influencer “Sadguru” says that resting is when your mind and soul need a pause for a while and not merely your body.

Thus, to keep yourself in a resting mode, you can simply choose to do some fun activities that cost you no physical effort but let you get rejuvenated from inside. This may include:

  • Watching Movie
  • Listening to music
  • Going Out with friends
  • Shopping
  • Indulging yourself into art and crafts etc.

Don’t get broke in busy-ness:

If you don’t control your time to the role in a better and planned way, and if you remain busy for the entire day and end up doing nothing- you will be broke. In one hand, when you will be losing great opportunities to do things for your own betterment at the right time, you will also feel the emptiness in your relationships and even with thyself.


At the end all I want to say that staying busy is good, but stay busy with a purpose. That’s more rewarding than staying busy doing nothing. There is nothing more successful than the time you planned well, the time you lived being you. You can’t win trophies for being busy, but can be the best member of your family, the best employee at your job and maybe the best entrepreneur or the best of what you do, by doing that with proper planning and execution. Not merely being ever-occupied.


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