Brilliant yet simple water wheel by a young social entrepreneur, Cynthia Koenig


Each day millions of females belonging to poor communities from all around the world, living in water scarce environment travel several kilometers and spend hours together to collect water from a distance source. They carry several liters of water on top of their head and walk for hours.

Learning about this problem, the young entrepreneur Cynthia Koenig wanted to do something to solve the issue or at least minimize the difficulty of these females who carry water.

Are you thinking who Cynthia Koenig is and how did she try to resolve the issue? Continue reading this article to learn more about her and her contribution to poor community girls and women around the world.

Cynthia Koenig is a young entrepreneur and anthropologist from New York. She holds a dual degree, MBA / MS from the University of Michigan’s Ross school of business and school of natural resources and environment and also a BA degree in anthropology from Trinity college. 

With her ambitious goal of serving people and providing them with clean water and reducing their effort in carrying water, she founded “Wello”.

The vision of Koenig’s Wello:

Wello is an international social venture to help people living in rural areas. The main goal of Wello is to deliver clean water to the thirsty world. The organization created an opportunity out of the water crisis problem and developed an innovative water transportation tool, the water wheel.

This organization designs and delivers their innovations at an affordable price to help people save time and increase opportunities to access water and break the families from the cycle of poverty.

All about Cynthia Koenig water wheel:

After learning about the water transporting issue, Cynthia Koenig decided to help these women by creating a new way to transport water from distant sources and she named it as “water wheel”.

  • The water wheel created by Cynthia Koenig allows people to roll water in a container.
  • The capacity of the container is around 50 liters.
  • It is available at an affordable price and is easy to handle and clean.
  • Waterwheel helps women to get water easily in less time.
  • This amazing creation is durable and helps ladies save their time and helps in reducing physical exertion. 
  • The life changing waterwheel is easy to use and is a boon to people who used to carry water from a distant source.

How will the water wheel help the girls and ladies who fetch water from distant sources?

In rural areas, ladies and young girls spend hours together in collecting water from a water source which is located far away from their home. They carry the load of water pot on top of their head and walk for miles together.

Creation of water wheel helps in saving time and energy. In turn, helps the ladies to utilize the saved time in earning few bucks for her family and at the same time young girls can utilize the saved time in education and this in turn, helps them to raise the standard of their living in a long run.

How did Cynthia Koenig founded a social enterprise company called Wello?

Cynthia Koenig used $100,000 grand challenges Canada prize to develop exceptionally brilliant and incredible water wheel and founded the company, Wello. The company is piloting water wheels not only in India’s rural areas but also in other parts of the world.

Now Koenig is planning to add additional features to waterwheels like

  • Using the rotation of the waterwheel to charge the cell phone
  • She is also planning to add filtration and
  • Kit for drip irrigation

This need of the hour tool benefit millions of women’s in India and all over the world. This invention is going to make a phenomenal difference in the lives of women and their family.


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