Are attractive women hired because of their looks?

Today’s scenario, looks are something being taken care of by every individual whether be a man or a woman but for most this is a matter of intense care specially or women. To look attractive at the workplace, some women lighten their hair, replace glasses with contact lenses and wear high heel shoes. Studies reveal […]


The science of saving money has always a tough subject for many women to handle. However, those women who have been able to master skills needed have always had an easy time when making huge investments. Do Women Learn Saving Tips from their Mothers? The answer is yes. Many women often learn about saving tips […]

Want To Make More Money? Maybe should Trying Not To Be An Entrepreneur.

Many women wanna become an entrepreneur but most of them just can’t afford, then don’t. It a buzz nowadays about starting own business and being an “entrepreneur” just because it is a cool thing. It is the dream for most of the women. At some point, most of the women entrepreneurs just give up and […]