The types of jokes and riddles that you tell your friends, may not be appropriate in a work setting. Therefore, if you want to improve the networking relationship that you have with your coworkers via jokes or riddles, you need to ensure that the riddle is equally funny and clean at the same time. Here are 8 work friendly riddles that you can utilize the next time you’re around your colleagues and coworkers, along with some do’s and dont’s pertaining to workplace humor.

Considerations To Take Before Making Jokes

Whenever you intend to demonstrate your humor to your colleagues and coworkers, not only must the riddle/joke be funny and clean, it needs to have some wittiness to it. Simply said, people will take an individual who makes silly riddles as a joke, but if your riddles have some whit to it, they will perceive you as being clever. Here are 8 primary examples, of interestingly witty, clean yet funny riddles.

1) Short Riddle

One of the most simple riddles out there, that is sure to tantalize he minds of your colleagues is this: What word becomes shorter if you add just two letters to it ? The answer is short.

2) Third Child

Davidson’s mother had three children. The first child was named May. The second child was named June. What is the name of the third child ? The answer is Davidson.

3) Mt. Everest

Back in 1852, an Indian mathematician from Bengal, was the first to identify Everest as the world’s highest peak. But prior to this, what was the tallest peak ? Mt. Everest.

4) Camera

In America, you can not take pictures of a man with a wooden leg Why ? Because you cannot take pictures with a wooden leg.

5) Egg Yolk

One of my favorite of all times is this: Which is the correct statement to make: “The yolks of the egg is white” or “The yolk of an egg is white” The answer is neither, the yolk of an egg is yellow.

6) Runner

How far can you actually run into the woods ? About half way, any further than that and essentially, you’ll be running out of the woods.

7) Questionnaire

What type of animal continuously asks one worded question, but never seems to get an answer. The answer is an Owl.

8) Paradox

Vincent got caught lying to her teacher again. Her teacher proclaimed that she had enough and told her, “Come here Vincent!” The teacher said, “I’ve had enough, I want you to make a statement and if it is true you will get detention, but, if it is false, I will suspend you.” The question is, what did Vincent say that got here teacher frustrated to the point that she didn’t even suspend her ? The answer is, Vincent said “I will be suspended.”

Types Of Humor To Avoid At the Work Place

Those for prime examples of what clean, work friendly humor is. Regardless of the type of humor that you wish to demonstrate to your colleagues and friends ensure that you avoid these type of humor:

  • Racial stereotypes
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Jokes at other’s expense
  • Cultural references
  • Juvenile/sophomoric
  • Self deprecating
  • Satirical
  • Religion


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