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Encouraging Words for New Moms

Becoming the mother is the best feeling in the world. The first cry of the baby and the first tender touch of those little fingers can take away every pain that a mom has gone through. But with happiness comes the responsibilities. You must agree to the fact that when things happen, it comes together in a bunch. The same goes for motherhood and the responsibilities.

The new mom has to take care of both; the post-partum frustration and the feeling of loneliness at times. There are some other moms, too, with whom you can talk and share your opinions. There is no one better to understand your feelings than the ones who have gone through the same.

But the story is complicated on the other side. Thus, if you are among those moms who have already done through the excitement of becoming a new mother way long before and now you have the opportunity to encourage and understand the feelings of a new mom, then what you should do?


No matter what is our situation, we always look for some encouragement and inspiration from others that impulse us. It is not that easy to keep someone motivated always, but a little motivation can heal a deep frustration in this case. Being a mom means that the person has taken all the responsibilities of compromising with her self-happiness, desires, and wishes. But, how would you feel, if any of your friends, who is a new mom now, is going through her bad days?

Here is a bunch of encouraging words that you can share with the new mom. No, you don’t need to read them all at once like a novel, but can share through various means, might be through an over-the-coffee conversation or through text messages.

  1. Not all the superheroes wear capes to save the world, some of them follow the best parenting techniques to give the best gift to the world; a new life.
  2. You don’t know how strong you are until you carry a different life inside your womb.
  3. You are allowed to make mistakes, fail in your experiments and even scream out your frustration. But you are not allowed to give up from trying to do better.
  4. You are the bravest woman I have ever seen. Just believe in yourself, and you can already win the halfway.
  5. Never stop trying to be the best mother in the world. Even if you already are, there is more way to go and more chance of becoming the best.
  6. How lucky your child must be, for being protected by the best mother in the world.
  7. You became a biological mother since the day you have conceived your child, the art of parenting is yet to be explored by you. Have fun!
  8. You become a mother from the day you have the fetus inside you and stop never to be one for the rest of your life.
  9. When you reach the extreme level of your endurance, remember that you are not alone in this battle and someone already had fought somewhere someday for you the same way you are doing it today.
  10. The sleepless nights, foodless hunger, quiet times- no it’s not about any exam preparation, but hush! Hush! The baby just slept.
  11. The pain you have gone through has made you stronger than ever. What else can be braver than a woman who took part in creating lives?


You can’t always keep sharing knowledge about how to parent a kid or can’t recite motivational speeches to help the new mom, who is already exhausted. Then what else can you do to make her feel better?

You can add a little bit of humour in everything you do or talk with her. When you share something to keep her motivated or when you listen and answer to her queries, don’t forget your funny bones to be a part. A little amount of joy can help her a lot to fight with her exhaustion.

What your messages should be like then?

  1. A sleeping baby sounds like the unicorn, it feels magical to hear about it, but don’t exist in reality.
  2. The first time motherhood is nothing less than discovering America by Columbus, you have no compass about the activity of your child, and you never know what the direction of your day will be like either.
  3. How do you know that your baby is getting enough food to stay hydrated? With the number of diapers, you change in an hour.
  4. Being a mother is the most confusing creature of the earth; you always fail to understand either you are a human, an owl or partially both of them.
  5. When you start enjoying the tone of the shredder insects at night, and when the cry of your baby is no less than the symphony sound to your ears and even when you stop reacting to anything noisy, because you are used to it- know that you are an insider of the supermom clan.


The first time experience of everything is just heavenly. Becoming a mother for the first time and the feeling of motherhood for the first time is beyond any word can express. It’s joyous, fun, tiring, emotional and a perfect blend of every emotional flavor. But the exciting part is you don’t control when and which emotion can rule you. So if you receive a message reading, “I need you to help me, I don’t know what I need to do” from a friend who has just become a mother, understand that she doesn’t know how she is feeling exactly.

But either your friend texts you to ask for help or not, you must share some words daily that touch her heart and soothes her tiring body and mind. If your words can make her remember that, despite every pain and trouble she might go through, there is a life which is ultimately hers, which trusts only her more than anyone else on this earth.

  1. With the birth of every child, a new mom is born and with every birthday, is celebrated the motherhood.
  2. Either you have planned to become a mother, or your child has planned for you to become its mother, one thing is very sure, and that is- your life has changed like a magic
  3. A baby is a bunch of fulfilled prayers that you might have made in your entire life before becoming a mother.


Words have the extreme power to change everything. It is like the magic wand that can make everything positive. Some encouraging words are like the push that you make to bring out the new life. Your words may help someone to keep going. In the journey of the merry-go-round, your words can reflect like the straight line of the ray of hope.

Motherhood is not a task and is a journey to celebrate and cherish for life. Though there are times when it seems to be the most challenging job of all time, everything is just wrong when a mother looks at her sleeping child. I hope these words will help you or help any of your friend to feel better.

Remember that you are not alone, and you are going to experience the most beautiful phase of your life. There are many things to unfold daily. Motherhood is a promise that you will get new surprises every day.  


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