I must admit, I’ve caved to some of the totally unorthodox, obsessive types of diets before, thinking that they would help me shed some ridiculous amount of weight and magically be the one magic bullet that would keep me thin forever. 

Diets like the blood type diet, the zone diet, the no carb diet, and the pritikin diet are all extreme in their own rite. Why?

Because the totally forbid certain types of foods, or entire food groups. That’s just not realistic, and it almost puts a social barrier up for the person that adheres to them because of its severity and tendency to form compulsive eating habits.

I’m sure you know someone who has compulsive eating habits, and it’s a sad sight to behold, because they really shun themselves from certain situations – simply because of food. 

They may not go to certain events or not enjoy certain events because they are constantly worried about putting things in their mouth that they feel will really be the downfall of their health and wellness.

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These types of obsessive compulsive eating habits can take over your whole life. There are even diets that recommend you only eat at certain times of day, or that you absolutely must eat this food at this time of day. 

Can you imagine planning every day of your life around your diet?  It becomes somewhat of an eating disorder when it literally involves every moment of your life having to be altered because of it.

Eating Habits

You can see, that would definitely get to be pretty limiting. It can even be offputting for some people to be around you because it may make them feel uncomfortable, especially.

when the person who has the compulsive habit preaches about it or makes comments or gives looks when others are eating something they don’t approve of.


Compulsive eating habits can definitely have an element of social isolation to them, and therefore, that is why my personal philosophy is a very simple one.

Everything should be allowed in moderation, and everyone should just listen to their bodies, because their bodies are pretty good at telling them what’s best for them to eat.

Eliminating entire food groups from your diet is simply not a realistic view of a lifetime diet, nor does it give you the ability to enjoy your life to its maximum. And after all, what is vibrant health and a thin body without enjoying life – NOTHING!

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