The diagnosis for frostbite is usually according to the signs and symptoms that are present. The doctor also considers the appearance of the skin and review the recent activities. Diagnosis for frostbite may include an X-Ray scan, MRI scan, or bone scan. Diagnosis can help the doctor understand the severity of the frostbite and decide on the best treatment.

The treatment for frostbite may include the combination of oral pain drugs and other processes. To reduce the cost of medication, you can buy Canadian drugs online. The reheating process of the skin can be painful. Therefore, oral pain medicines are essential when treating frostbites. 

Treatment For Frostbites

There are at-home remedies for the treatment of frostbite at home. For severe cases of frostbites, the patient needs proper treatment after the administration of first aid. The treatment for frostbites may include skin rewarming, wound care, surgery, medication, and other therapies. Treatment depends mainly on the severity of the condition. 

  1. Skin Rewarming  

Some people include skin warming as part of the first aid care for frostbites. However, if they fail to do it at the first aid level, the doctor will perform it at the hospital. The doctor rewarms the skin using warm water for at least 20 minutes. During the rewarming process, the skin may become soft and discolored. The doctor will also encourage the patient to move the affected area gently.  

  1. Debridement 

For proper healing of frostbites, the doctor will need to remove the affected tissues. The process is known as debridement. The doctor will need some time to ascertain dead tissues. Therefore, the patient might wait for one to three months for debridement. 

  1. Hydrotherapy 

Hydrotherapy involves the soaking of the affected area in a whirlpool bath. The process can enhance healing by naturally removing dead tissues and keeping the surface clear. Gently moving the affected area can also help to improve the healing process. 

  1. Oral Pain Killers 

The process of rewarming the skin can be painful. Therefore, the doctor may likely administer an oral pain killer to help ease the pain. 

  1. Infection Fighting Drugs

For those with frostbites injuries that appear infected, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics to help disinfect the wound.

  1. Clot-bursting Drugs

Depending on how severe frostbite is, the patient may receive an IV injection of Tissue Plasminogen Activators. Administering TPA can help lower the risk of amputation in people with severe cases of frostbites. TPA can lead to serious bleeding. Therefore, doctors use them only in very severe cases and within 24 hours of the frostbite. 

  1. Injury Protection Against Infection

Once the skin defrosts, the doctor may cover the area loosely with a sterile sheet or dressing towel. Doing this will help to keep the skin safe. In the case where frostbite affects the fingers, the doctor will separate the fingers from each other. Elevation of the affected area is also a necessary step to reduce pain. 

  1. Surgery

In severe cases of frostbites, patients may require surgery to remove decaying tissues. 

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