Golf Courses

Are you looking to take up golfing as a sport but can’t find any resorts that cater for beginners? Then look no further.

You don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to find a beginners golf course we have found a few in England which will be perfect to learn new skills and a few tricks!

Hellidon Lakes and Spa Hotel- Northamptonshire:

This lovely golf course has a beginners round of 9 holes along with its main course of 18 holes. There are challenging water aspects including 17 lakes that even some pros would find trying.

If you are looking for a weekend away to golf this 4* hotel will be perfect for you. The hotel is well known for its good services and in-house restaurant and bar. A great place to relax when you aren’t making your way around the course.


James Andrew School of Golf- East Sussex:

This place offers golf teaching courses to beginners and those just looking to improve their skills. The beginner course can range anywhere from half a day to a five day course which is perfect for learners.

You will be taught the basic rules, dos and don’ts and be given a number of hints and tips to follow.

Golf Courses

Carlyon Bay – Cornwall:


This course has a 9 hole golf course perfect for beginners but is often used as a warm up course for those waiting to try the main 18 hole course.

Whether you have just played the beginner course or the main course there is nothing stopping you going for a relaxing chilled drink in the clubhouse after.

Donnington Valley Hotel and Spa- Berkshire:

If you’re looking for a place to go for you and your partner then this is the place. If your partner doesn’t like golf then they can stay in the amazing 4* hotel and relax in the spa.

Once you get out into the beautifully designed 18 hole golf course you will be tested whether you are a beginner or not. Not only does this have one of the country’s most beautiful courses but it is also well known for its social facilities holding two bars!

The Essex Golf and country club- Essex:

This course is known for being a challenging one however it is still a fair game of golf to play.If you are a beginner then you want to try the Garden course.

This is a 9 hole course that is great for beginners however you still need to stay on the ball and keep your aim in order to come out successful!

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