Humor at work is often restricted to workplace related jokes which mostly involve mocking the boss or imitating fellow colleagues in their absence. This culture can eventually turn your office into a humor-desert where no joy and laughter grows. As a result, you may end up working among people with dry jokes and burnout which lowers the general workforce’s morale and brings on poor results. Give your office jokes a romantic touch to help you change the dull office culture in a manner that bolsters your career prospects.

Humor and Popularity

Crack romantic jokes in the office to stand out from the rest since the jokes bring out your bold and fearless traits besides making you appear witty and human. You can, for example, tell a colleague that you’ve defaulted on your love diet because you haven’t laid eyes on him or her for three days.

You can alternatively say, “I was dreaming that you and I are getting married in paradise when my alarm went off and it got me thinking why does work always come between us.” Jokes of these kinds raise your popularity bar, inspiring many of your colleagues to back you up when a higher rank falls vacant. A move that increases your of chances of moving up the professional ladder.

Humor and Efficiency

“Hello angel, how was heaven when you left it? You come to guide me through the world of love this morning?” This is an example of a witty joke that can make a colleague find you easy to talk and approachable whenever he or she is in need of your professional opinion. You will as result be able to discuss numerous concepts with various coworkers, making it possible to boost your professionalism and productivity in a manner that’s likely to hand you a promotion letter.

Humor and Networking

Complementing your colleagues beauty aspects in a captivating way makes it difficult for them to forget you. A joke such as, can you please bring the file we talked about and a pencil with a rubber at the bottom-tip since I want to erase your past and jot down our future is memorable. People will consequently grow found of you and introduce you to a wider network of friends or professionals who can help you get a better job in another company or sail up the ranks in your current organization.

Humor and Creativity

Showcase your creativity by weaving your romantic jokes with the perfect workplace situations at random to catch your workmates unaware and to make your jokes sound funnier. Drop a joke such as, “You must be a magician because each time I look in your direction, everybody disappears”. This joke can bring out your creativity if you’re moderating a meeting, for example, and you find yourself giving a specific workmate more chances to speak compared to the rest of them. This could be because he or she understands the matter at hand better than others.

Make romantic jokes general or make yourself the clown in the joke when speaking in high-power company meetings attended by the company’s high ranking officials. This enables you to avoid embarrassing your colleagues whom you may hit with a similar joke directly under the normal office environment.


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