How to Order Papa John's Vegan Pizza

Plant-based diets are more popular than ever before. Whether you’re eating vegan all the time or on Meatless Mondays, you still love pizza. Fortunately, Papa John’s makes it easy to order vegan pizza through the app on your phone or through the website. Just choose the original hand-tossed crust with original or BBQ sauce. Include your favorite vegetables on top and skip the cheese. Choose to get your pizza delivered or pick it up on your way home. It’s a hot, fresh meal without any fuss. Cleanup is a breeze. Your kids may even volunteer.

How Papa John’s Vegan Pizza is a Healthy Option

Pizza might be a comfort food, but it often gets a bad rap as being unhealthy and full of fat. Going plant-based avoids animal fats that have bad reputations as bad for your health. A Papa John’s vegan pizza includes healthy vegetables that have vitamins and antioxidants. You can feel good about pairing a meal’s worth of vegetables on a piece of bread. Peppers, tomatoes, onions and mushrooms are more appetizing in a pizza than just eating them on their own. When you’re wondering about lunch options near me, choose Papa John’s for ease of ordering and delivery.

What Options Are Plant-Based on Papa John’s Menu?

Knowing what menu items are plant-based and which ones contain milk, eggs or honey can help you order your favorites while sticking to your diet. As mentioned, the original hand-tossed crust is plant-based. The other crusts may contain milk or eggs. Choose the original sauce to keep your pizza vegan. Go with vegetables as toppings. Skip the cheese, of course. As a side, you can order breadsticks that are plant-based. The Signature Garlic Sauce, Buffalo Dipping Sauce, BBQ Dipping Sauce and Pizza Dipping Sauce are all plant-based to add something extra to your pizza. Whole pepperoncinis, crushed red pepper and the packets of Special Seasonings are plant-based flavor bombs to give your pizza more.

What Pizza Lunch Specials Should You Be Ordering for the Weekend Party

Pizza is a great way to make the weekend easier whether you’re feeding the family, the team or having a party. Your local Papa John’s has a number of pizza lunch specials to fit your budget and needs. Impromptu parties for the kids are no problem when you get the Pizza Party lunch special that comes with five customized pizzas. You can please all the people on your guest list. Order soda or bottled water for an easy meal with quick cleanup. Don’t need five pizzas to please your family? Go with a “Create Your Own Deal” and get a percentage off the regular menu price when you choose what menu items you want.

Ordering from the app or online gives you the easiest experience to order your pizzas. Pay with your credit card to avoid contact on delivery. With every purchase, you earn points that can be used to order more pizza. It’s a win-win situation for you. Don’t make lunch so difficult on the weekends. Everyone loves pizza, especially when it’s plant-based. Order pizza today.

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