Is Feminism A Clever Disease?


Most of the deadly diseases in the world morph themselves, they mutate which makes it hard to detect them in the initial stages.

Clever right?

Well, diseases are not the only things that do that. There are certain social systems and believes that are also carefully veiled. One such thing can be Feminism. 

Is Feminism A Clever Disease?

Like Cancer feminism too has its means of surviving. It either proves to be benign or they convince the body into thinking that the effect is the part of the body. 

That way no one can see it in a way different from the one the individual wants others too. This practice is often shielded by a very common question, a question we all have faced-

“You believe in equal rights that makes you a feminist right?”

This is where the morphing procedure begins. It can be related to the defense mechanism of the disease which prevents the body from identifying the problem.

The fanatic feminists see their faith in feminism as a natural thing. They perceive the intent to be pure, and given that, they do not challenge their faith in the institution or belief.

However such deceiving response works for some time. Cancer has some limited success in hiding the body. Very soon the body starts to make responses to the existing infection. 

Under such circumstances, it becomes important for feminists to morph again to create chaos and confusion. 

To make some serious damage control the feminism fanatics release false reports and surveys in the system furthering the chance of confusion.

For instance, a report was published to show that women earn only 77 percent in contrast to a dollar earned by the men doing the same work. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the wave of confusion created by the equal pay for equal work setup.

Though the equal pay for equal work had created a wave of resentment among many living in society, the argument was based on intangible observations. 

The pieces of evidence were such that it required careful study of the facts.  However, someone had to take a break from the daily work to out to verify these shreds of evidence. But obviously, no one had the time. 

What is the result?

We have to accept these rumors and false numbers. 

Thus begins the reign of the disease. 

But though the cards have been neatly laid and the conjurer is ready to start his trick, little do these people realize that such claims such as “equal pay for equal work” have different points of consideration. 

For instance, the pay varies due to the type of the job, the difference in the level of expertise between the two, the work hours and such factors. 

So are these being questioned? Yes, in some places they are. For instance, the Australian Government Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace launched a survey in 2010 to study the attitudes towards the Australian pay party. 

The revelation was shocking. Most women felt that equal pay was required and must be guaranteed for the SAME work. However, that is not the case. 

In addition to this misconception, a  lot many others were unearthed which went on to show that a chunk of people in the country had no idea what all these laws and statistics mean.

But the government too was also shady in dealing with the problem. They made a 1.5-page fact sheet to let people know what they had to. But yet again half of the citations made were from  dubious sources whereas the other half were marked “Ibid” which practically translates to “because we are saying so!”

Thus a more fair means of comparison was needed on the lines of equal pay for equal work. When this metric was worked out, it came to be noted that women earned more than men in many cases. 

Another common used by the feminists is the weapon called “Violence against women”. This too passed when it was revealed that these statistics too were exaggerations and were built on a big fat bail of lies!

For instance, feminists champion that a sharp increase in violence against women in noted during the sporting events. To gauge the truthfulness of this statement, surveys were made of course. Domestic violence campaign during the super bowl games is pretty famous. But sadly for the feminists, such allegations proved far less than the truth. 

If feminism is not practiced keeping in terms with the true meaning of the word, then it has the most dangerous impact- it directly affects the self-esteem of women and children. This does not only refer to what goes on in the schools, it is not about the teacher who presents as a casual bias towards feminism, I am talking about the campaigns that are hosted. 

 For instance, the White Ribbon campaign held by manginas in Australia. For those who don’t know a mangina is a man infected by the idea of feminism. 

Coming back to the campaign, the school kids were given school kits. The prominent message of these kits was that men are perpetrators of violence, and the women are the victims, 

To make the matter worse, all the boys were tired white ribbons on their wrists to ensure that they do not forget the message anytime soon. 

What the hell is this? Yes, feminism should be made a part of the social belief, but it must be done delicately otherwise it might become malignant like cancer.  


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