The old age question that I am going to ask you next may sound spiritual, but it is practical too. What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of life?

Some people are very fortunate to get the answers to their very early age. They start living life, the way it must be lived. The rest of the people spend their entire life, searching for the answers. I am not wrong if I say that many people don’t want to know the purpose of “Life” at all.

For most of us, life is how it is. What the difference it can make knowing the purpose of it. But, trust me, it does. You are here, for some reason. Everything we do. Every person that we meet is with some determination.

Life remains until we are alive; we are breathing or at least we know we are living. Even though we live in the smart world, we more rely upon the tarot reading and astrology reads. The purpose of doing so is to know what is going to happen to our life next?



Many big influencers belives the fact, and many have written in their books too, that the common occurring, that is going to take place in everyone’s life is “death”. Today, tomorrow or someday, we all going to embrace death. What else? The end of life.

If many did not wake up today morning and if you are among those who did, know that there is a reason. There is a purpose to give you another life today, and that is significant, that is very important to understand the opportunity you got to fulfil your objectives; the purposes of life.

Now when we know that death is the end, what should we do? Sit back at home, continue with your daily routine and wait to die? We work hard, make relationships, save money, possess assets for the days we might not be able to be equally active, like what we are today.

Time’s going to change, the purposes gonna change and so will be the perception towards life. But even when we possess a lot of assets, do we really spend the last days of our life happily. The reasons behind the death can be anything, but losing life is anyway “saddening”.

Do we really enjoy and take that deep breath of satisfaction that we have lived our life every day?

No, I bet the majority of us, we don’t. The reason behind this is the habit that we grow along with our age. We are more tend to take life as it is. But, do know that only dead fishes go with the flow, not the ones who are alive. Alive are those who live life with a purpose. Alive are those who live life like they are dying.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for a newer and richer experience.” 

But do we live, the way life should be lived? For us, defining life hypothetically can be anything like going out, breaking the glass ceilings, embracing the unknown, run to the edge of the world and so. But in the end, we live life in the nutshell, with the normal feelings of need, requirement and desires.

Now, when what we want to do and what we actually do to live life, don’t seem to be alike or don’t resemble at all, we can name “What we want to do” as ‘life’ and “What we actually do” as ‘just passing the days’.



How do you feel while standing in front of a food joint, which serves tremendously mouth-watering meals? Your mouth starts drooling, your stomach starts poking you with the hunger that was not there a few minutes ago.

But what if, you can’t eat that food and convince yourself and leave the place without having it? That’s not ethical at all, right? We talk about following our heart. Do we follow our heart while living life?

The relationships we have, the time we get, the love we have to offer and accept; everything is just there, like the food which is being cooked in the restaurant. We enjoy them only with the aroma it provides, and don’t try to savour the food at all,

We are least bothered to enjoy and relish the feed in real. The real flavours of love, relationship and even life are left not-tested at the end.

How ethical is that?

In his book “The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here For?” Rick Warren, has unfolded the roadmap to your journey, a journey which gets to know its purposes.

The book takes all the effort to answer three major questions that you are waiting to get answered for:

1.                Why am I alive?

2.               How does my life matter?

3.               What on earth am I here for?

 The book got everything to take you to a beautiful spiritual awakening to explain you the meaning of life, to simplify your life, to make you more focused, to motivate and to prepare you for eternity.



We can’t actually shift our mind from what we are actually comfortable in doing. Practically leaving everything else in the sake of searching the real meaning of life is impossible. Then how to live life to the utmost? How to enjoy every bit of experience and leave no stone unturned?

It’s not hard at all, it’s not even comfortable. It is not hard because there is only one thing that needs to get changed, and it’s not easy because that one thing is “everything”. What is that? That is the perception; the perception of seeing through life.

If we start accepting things for what they are, if we start considering people for who they are, life will be pretty straightforward, isn’t it? If we stop wasting our time in judging others, being in our comfort zone, then when would we live life? We will run short of time in the end.

We can’t change our past, we can’t change people and their individuality, but we can shape our future, can develop a good relationship with them further. That’s all. That is all you need to live life in real.

Make a promise to yourself, that whatever it takes, whatever be the situation; the primary purpose will be to live it. Live every moment as it is.

Many people love their work. They talk about work at the office, on their way back home, on the dinner table and even in their bedroom- is that how life looks like?

Life is living at present for the future. A good life today can give you a good life for the rest of your life.

“When we all give the power
we all give the best.
Every minute of an hour
don’t think about a rest.
Then you all get the power
you all get the best.
When everyone gives everything and every song everybody sings.

Then it’s live
live is life
live is life

The famous “Opus” song can help you to understand life once again. Do things that make you strong, happy and make you feel alive; are the factors you need to live. Go, live life as if it’s the last day.


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