The Art of Feminine Women

Women who can use the feminine and feminine features attract more attention of men. Here are the small but important details of being a Feminine woman…

As a result of the observations I have made in many places, especially during the sessions I have conducted with my female clients in recent years, as well as on the street, shopping, and many other places; I noticed that women generally use masculine features more and females useless. 

Every woman and every man has masculine and feminine qualities. These qualities, of course, vary according to everyone. And the times we use each attribute also vary.

For example; Let us be women or men, we fight with someone when we act to seek our right when we shout at someone on the street we use our masculine energy. However, when we love a plant, an animal or someone, we do help and favors for someone, we sit at the bedside of our relatives and take care of them and meet their needs, we use our feminine side while caressing the head of a lonely child we see on the street and smiling at him. 

In the last few years, even though we have started to have difficulty balancing our ying & yang energy with the more well-known term masculine-feminine, this situation has gradually started to align itself with 2012 energy.

Here Dear Ladies; effective internal and external actions that will contribute to the balancing process of your feminine energy, while at the same time activating it and making it easily; 

The Art of Feminine Women

First of all, it is important to create this energy internally. Thank God for being created as a woman. 
When you wake up from your bed every morning, you can close your eyes for 3-5 minutes and repeat the phrase orum I accept my feminine energy and choose to use it sesli. (You can do the same work just before going to bed at night.)
Another action is to make getting help. So when you need help from your family, friends, anyone on the street, and especially men. ”I can do anything by myself, I don’t need anyone” means you are not using your feminine energy. 
Let’s open this with examples; for example, allow the taxi driver or someone else to open your door, let a man burn your cigarette, your spouse to take charge of repairs, renovations, shopping, bill payments at home or pay the man’s account at the places you visit.

How much information the people around you, wherever you are the owner and ask specifically idea men, “the idea of it, the knowledge, the experience or the need to view” means and one of the most effective actions to listen carefully them … 
people in your face instead of being always talk focused on listening effectively again is a feminine action. 
Try to finish each and every job quickly and calmly instead of trying to finish it quickly. Serenity and patience are feminine qualities.

The Art of Feminine Women
The Art of Feminine Women

Let’s come to external actions; In particular, housewives talk about the fact that they have started to take care of housework or their children from the early hours of the morning. However, it is a great start to dress a nice, simple dress, to make up a very light makeup, to give a nice shape to the messy hair and to start your day in this way and to meet your spouse in the same way again. 
Especially working women who wear continuous trousers, skirt or dress, Even with a light heeled shoe, makeup and a small accessory, they can look incredibly female. 
In short, dress, skirt, high heels, sexy underwear, and makeup in your wardrobe more space and make them a habit to use.  

Of course, the most important thing is; they are more effective when they are transformed into lifestyles, not once or twice. 




Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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