Tips for how to get a bigger butt

Are you worried about your tiny looking butt? Do you want to get a bigger booty? Continue reading this post to know about the healthy, easy and very effective tips to have a bun of steel.

How to get a bigger butt?

How to get a bigger butt?

Exercises like squats, crossover lunges, crab walk etc are best to change the size and shape of your butt.

Now you must be thinking how do I get a bigger butt with exercises and which are those exercises right?

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Tips to have big butt:

Not only women, but even men also want to have a big firm butt. Here are some of the best and very effective exercises to help you get a bigger buttock.

1. Knee tuck exercise using stability ball:

  • Start this exercise in a push-up position, keeping your hands on the floor and resting your toes on the stability ball.
  • Slowly bring the knees towards your chest by rolling the ball.
  • Extend your knees back.

This exercise using stability ball is super effective and helps you have a bouncy butt.

2. Chair pose (Utkatasana):

  • This powerful pose aims in strengthening the muscles of your butt.
  • Put in your effort and do this exercise on a regular basis to see the result you want.

3. Crab walk using resistance band:

  • Crab walk with resistance band is one of the excellent exercises to strengthen and increase your bum.
  • Always choose the correct tensioned resistance band.

4. Standing sidekick:


  • Stand on your feet and keep it apart.
  • Slightly bend forward and lift your left leg off the floor and kick on the left side. (You can take the support of the wall if you find it difficult in balancing).
  • Switch sides and repeat.

5. Squats:

  • Squatting is the best exercise to enlarge the butt for both men and women.
  • There are varieties of squats like:

Dumbbell squat

Parallel squat

Plie squat

Single leg/pistol squat etc.

  • Squatting helps in strengthening the glutes and also helps the body release more growth hormone and helps in butt building.
  • Choose the one which you are comfortable with and practice it to get the best result.

6. Ballet kicks:

  • This is the best exercise to tone your bum.


  • Stand keeping the left leg in front and right leg in back.
  • Slightly bend the left leg and lift the right leg up as much as possible.
  • Slowly lower the right leg. Do not touch the ground.

7. Releve plie:


  • Stand straight and spread your legs (approximately shoulder width).
  • Slightly turn your toes outwards.
  • Rise up the heels and stand on your toes. Hold a chair to balance.
  • Bend your knees in the direction of the toes and come down to squat position.
  • Slowly rise up on your toes.
  • Bring the heels down and relax.

8. Four butt exercises to boost your booty:

Four butt exercises to boost your booty
  • Doing single leg bridge, stability ball leg lift, curtsey lunge and standing single leg bridge for 12 minutes helps you in lifting, toning and tightening the butt.

Single leg bridge on back:


  • Lie down on your back keeping legs and hands straight.
  • Bend one leg and keep the foot of the same leg on the floor.
  • Lift the other leg from ground level to about 45 degrees up.
  • Slowly lift your bum from the floor.
  • Slower the bum slightly ( do not touch the floor).
  • Switch the side and follow the same steps.

Stability ball leg lift:


  • Lie down on the stability ball.
  • Keep your hands (palms) and legs down on the floor.
  • Lift your legs up in the air.
  • Slight bending of hands is allowed.
  • Slowly lower your legs.

Curtsey lunge:


  • Stand straight keeping your legs apart.
  • Hold dumbbells on both your hands.
  • Cross your left leg back and lower down to curtsey.
  • Come up.
  • Repeat using the right leg.

Standing single leg bridge:


  • Stand straight with one leg.
  • Hold dumbbells on both the hands.
  • Bend the waist in the forward direction and bring your arms down.
  • Slowly come up.
  • Follow the same steps with the other leg.

Do these exercises to fill your butt.

9. Booty pop/monkey squat:

  • Booty pop exercise is also called a monkey squat.
  • This squat works wonders on your butt and helps in filling your glutes.

10. Squat and drop the knee:

Squat and drop the knee
  • Squatting and dropping knee is the ultimate exercise to have a better bum.
  • It helps in muscle growth and adds more muscles in the glutes.

11. Donkey kick:


  • Start this exercise on all fours on a plane surface.
  • Kneel down and keep both the legs in 90 degrees and hands should be shoulder-width apart.
  • Lift one leg into the air (Leg should be arched) – lift several inches higher and kick towards the ceiling.
  • Slowly return to start position.
  • Repeat on the other side.

If you feel pain on your knees, you can keep a pillow below your knee or do this exercise on a yoga mat.

12. Explosive lunges:


  • Stand straight and keep your feet apart.
  • Hands down and straight.
  • Bring your right leg forward and bend it to form 90 degrees.
  • Keep your upper body straight.
  • Jump and switch legs in between.
  • Land with your left leg forward.

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Set of exercises which help you to have buns of steel:

Squat: 20 repetitions with 1-minute rest in between each repetition.

Deadlift: 20 repetitions with 1-minute rest in between each repetition.

Step up: 20 repetitions with 1-minute rest in between each repetition.

Lunge: 20 repetitions with 1-minute rest in between each repetition.

Donkey kick: 20 repetitions with 1-minute rest in between each repetition.

Single leg bridge: 20 repetitions which 1-minute rest.

  • These strength training exercises focus on the area around the glutes.
  • It helps the body release more growth hormone and helps in butt building.
  • These workouts help you in adding more definition to your butt.


Being consistent helps you in improving the shape and size of your buttock. Follow the tricks mentioned above; these bum friendly exercises work wonders on your butt and help in filling your glutes and helps you in having bubbly Brazilian butt.

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