Paid search engine marketing tools are able to help you refine, improve and monitor your paid search campaign. Many different factors work into how well your campaign works, who sees and responds to it, how people respond to it, and whether or not your conversion rate is positively affected.

There are various types of tools to help you shape and refine your campaign. They include keyword research, competitive analysis, display research, performance marketing, niche tools, testing and personalization, qualitative analytics, quantitative analytics, and customer relationship management.

Most of these tools take time and money to help hone your campaign, and the top five specific tools are used by many businesses to help them market their material in the best possible way.


  • Google AdWords has a keyword research tool that will help you determine which keywords might work the best in your paid search campaign. Before you use the tool, you should develop a list of possible keywords that relate to your business and will help people find what they are looking for from your business.

Once you have an idea of these keywords, you can test them out on this tool. It is best to pick keywords that are as specific as possible to your business, as more general keywords are probably more expensive and have probably been bought by larger businesses.

  • Competitive analysis tools allow you to see where your business stands in terms of its direct competition. By offering a rundown of the success of your current online marketing plan, these tools can help you determine how to improve to better compete with other businesses.

These tools usually focus on the behavior of specific consumer groups and how you can change your marketing plan to better reach your target audience, particularly if it is difficult to get to.

  • Testing and personalization tools can help you determine how to optimize your content, layout, and design for your marketing plan to work better for you. These tools can allow you to measure how effective different pages are.

You can present different versions of a page to different portions of your viewers, and these tools will measure how effective each page is. The most effective page is obviously the one that you should use for all viewers

  • Quantitative analytics tools can help you monitor how many people are viewing your site, which pages they are viewing, how they are getting to your site, how much time they are spending on your site, etc. Monitoring these numbers can help you determine when to place your paid search ads, what geographic regions to market to, and even which search engines to use.
  • Qualitative analytics tools can help you determine which elements of your website, landing pages, ads, etc. are working and which aren’t. By getting real people to test out your website, you can get real feedback on the quality of your actual content and design.

Paid search engine is not as simple as putting an ad out there and waiting for people to click on it. You need to have optimized landing pages, a clean website, and quality content to get consumers to purchase from your business and to have the maximum return on investment for your paid search campaign.

These tools can help you make the best possible decisions for your marketing campaign and your business.

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