Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

Many food products have TSP as an additive. The question is trisodium phosphate in cereal harmful? Or not? Why is trisodium phosphate in my cereal? You can see TSP  in the ingredients lists on a cereal box. The majority of the people loved to have cereals in their breakfast including kids also. But have they ever think about TSP in cereal? You will come to the conclusion at the end of this article and get a fair idea about the whole thing. This is really informative.

Why is trisodium phosphate in my cereal?

Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

Trisodium phosphate also referred to as trisodium orthophosphate or sodium phosphate, an inorganic compound [Na3PO4]. When you mix it with water, this compound forms an alkaline solution. Mostly, TSP finds usage in the products like cleaning agents, stain removers, food additives, soaps, and detergents, etc. and now you have an idea about what is tsp cleaner? 

It will modify cereal color, gives phosphorus fortification and provides the cereal’s flow within the extruder. TSP generally used as a preservative in the food industry to double shelf life and kill potentially harmful germs. 

Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

What is TSP cleaner?

So TSP is also known as E339, is an industrial cleaning that is used as a mildew remover, degreasing agent and also to clean walls before painting. Most of the cleaning agents and stain removers have TSP substances. To remove mildew on the wood it can be mixed with chlorine bleach.

  • Meat industry: TSP works as a preservative agent where it is injected into the meat to increase shelf life. 
  • Dairy products: Many products in the dairy such as cheese contains TSP to improve the melting process as well as texture. 
  • Soft drink industry: Some colas contain phosphorus additives to increase acidity and create a fruity flavor.

In cereals, especially they are popular with kids TSP is the greatest concern. The following are the points why trisodium phosphate added to my cereal?

  • TSP helps cereal flow through the extruder. TSP is often added to processed cereals to help the mixture keep it in the shape when being processed. 
  • TSP will act as a cereal buffer, it helps to regulate acidity levels and preserve cereals to gain shelf life.
  • TSP in cereals used as a leavening agent to give cereals a porous and crunchy structure.

As per scientific research, certain breakfast cereals may not be good for your health at all. 

Why trisodium phosphate in cereal is harmful?

Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

Daily consumption of food products can cause obesity. Many kinds of cereal are high in sugar mostly which are targeted to kids. These put people at a high risk of obesity. Cereal nutrition information can be misleading, as per the British Journal of Nutrition reported one-third of cereals marked as ‘ healthy” were infect comes in the “ less healthy” category. So, it looks like not only TSP in cereals are a concern but high content of salt and sugar could mean that you are not getting the proper type of nutrition.

Only you have to make sure about what food you are eating with TSP has been approved by the FDA. As we say too much phosphate causes soft tissue and organs to calcify. This will cause disrupt the human body’s normal metabolism. According to one article in 2009, TSP has been associated with severe kidney damage which may occasionally be requiring dialysis. Along with kidney diseases, it may cause allergic reactions, digestive problems, cancer also.

TSP  in cereal 

Though the trisodium phosphate in food granted by FDA it doesn’t mean that everyone wants to eat cereal with this substance. The fact also includes that these are highly processed food items when you look at the list of ingredients on a box of cheerios. 

Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

Apart from TSP, the cereal you eat in breakfast contains high amounts of added sugar and corn syrup which can result in obesity and increased levels of blood glucose. We would like to inform you that cereals do not contain paint thinners, even if TSP is listed on the list of ingredient in the cereal. Some people claim that some cereal contain paint thinner because in paint thinner they have seen the name TSP in the list of ingredients. TSP is used in cereals as an additive so many people agree to consume the product with TSP.

If the manufacturer has followed proper practice, it may not be bad for you. Food level TSP to be in highly processed and classed as ‘Junk Food’. Many processed types of meat, sausages and breakfast cereals have little nutritional content and are ‘beefed up’ with sugar and fat. As a result, it is a fact that TSP in processed food could pose a health risk, as per the research.


Even researchers say that added inorganic phosphates in food can account for more than 30 % of the daily recommended intake of phosphates.

Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

Many people want to know that is cheerios cancer-causing or not. The threat can be eliminated by reading this content. The FDA has claimed that trisodium phosphate in certain amounts is not a risk as in food products. But many reports and agencies have proved it as a harmful substance. For instance, the clean water act has limited the use of TSP in supplies of cleaning because it damages the environment. As phosphates are a necessity of the human body. However, trisodium phosphate is inorganic phosphate.

TSP has been not proved to be toxic as a food additive but has proved to be irritating to the gastric mucosa unless part of a buffered solution. It may reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. Excessive use of TSP can produce an imbalance of minerals which leads to loss of calcium from bone and calcification of the kidneys. The daily limit has recommended being 70grms. In junk food, TSP reaches up to 500 grams, which leads to an increased risk of developing ‘cheerios cancer.

Abnormal levels of trisodium phosphate could put you at more risk of cancer. The Jornal of BMC cancer has reported that high inorganic phosphate levels can increase the risk of cancer. Such as thyroid cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, skin cancer, and pancreatic cancer. 

What cereals have trisodium phosphate? 

Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?

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Phosphate are added to food all over the world. Also, phosphates are approved as additives in the united states, Canada, Australia, and the Europian Union. TSP can modify cereal’s color and help in cereal’s flow in the extruder. So, this is the reason that most of the cereal ingredients contain TSP. it can be found in the following brands that supply cereals.

  • Heart Healthy Cereal
  • SpongeBob Squarepants Cereal
  • Golden Grahams 
  • Reese’s Puffs
  • Dora The Explorer Cereal
  • Cookie Crisp
  • Total Raisin Bran
  • Wheaties
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
Is Trisodium Phosphate In Cereal Dangerous For You?
  • Honeycomb 
  • LuckyCharms
  • Trix
  • Trader Joe’s O’s
  • Mom’s Best Cereals
  • Kix
  • Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Cocoa Puffs
  • Cheerios

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