Want To Make More Money? Maybe should Trying Not To Be An Entrepreneur.


Many women wanna become an entrepreneur but most of them just can’t afford, then don’t. It a buzz nowadays about starting own business and being an “entrepreneur” just because it is a cool thing. It is the dream for most of the women.

At some point, most of the women entrepreneurs just give up and accept a regular job. So, is being an entrepreneur is the only way to earn huge amount of money?

If a woman wants to earn money it is not necessary to have to be an entrepreneur.

In this blog, readers will find views on entrepreneurship and having a job for money. There will be some controversial light on the subject by showing readers, why being an entrepreneur is not always the best way to move forward to get what most people want to achieve from entrepreneurship.

An individual should not think to be an entrepreneur. It should think for more money. Money making is not easy. Most of the common things in women are entrepreneurial spirit is they will almost always turn down any opportunity or partnership unless it specifically fits the criteria of what they look for.

It is great and all but these are also the same as entrepreneurial-minded people who are still knee deep in loans(college, snap tube, car, etc and mooching off their parents.

An individual should not put herself in the situation. She should realize that before she starts and growing business into a success. She needs to cover her living expenses.

If she does not have enough money and are in debt, she needs to be working to pay off debts before. If an individual receives a job offer with a flexible schedule. An individual must take it. It’s not permanent.

All the money from the job is what will be used to fund the side hustle and cover the expenses. An individual should not be fooled and hold on the ego and turn down a great offer just because it’s not good.

An individual may always negotiate the job into a remote working job. As it is said a penny saved is a penny earned. An individual should cut down the expenses.

Like, it does not always need to have a full meal at the expensive restaurant. It is no need to have a vacation at an expensive place just because everyone recommends it. A big house is not always necessary. Budgeting is important. So it should not be stressed. And if an individual thinks money is going, often times, it is the little things spend on things are not required.

It is realized most of the hard earn money goes in pleasure. Most of the individuals go to networking events without a specific reason. An individual should not go in events if she is not cleared with the reason. An agenda is necessary for any meetings.

A woman should think out of her life at a time. If women need to be an entrepreneur but may not be able to afford to right now, then don’t. It takes time for a good opportunity to come. It an individual seek it out. Sometimes it would mean to quit the ventures temporarily and have a job you love. Who knows if the job is good for you. You may find your co-workers become your co-founders.

It is beneficial to avoid expenses and focus on energy for making more money even if it means switching between employee and entrepreneur. It is very amazing for women as an entrepreneur.


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