Women Are Good At Multitasking- Myth


I am sure all of us have heard it ” women are good at multitasking” But what I really want to know is, is this really true.

I mean, if it were, what is the premise for this argument?

More importantly what makes it such an accepted social belief that women have the natural ability to juggle a lot of things together?

I am a woman myself but I am very poor with having too many things on my plate.

I mean, if I have to go to the office, I will not be able to make a four-course meal for my family. I cannot have that many projects going on at the same time.

But then I felt that this incapability was a flaw in my character, you know something specific to me. But when I started talking with multiple women of my age group and with a few, elder to me, I realized that the problem with multitasking is not specific to me alone.

It is a myth, more of an old nanny tale which has been spoonfed to us since time immemorial.

To state facts, there is no conclusive research to show that men cannot multitask and women can.

After careful consideration coupled with a bit of logic, it can be concluded that this myth arose from common observation.

Most women say the working women in current times, can do a lot of things at a go. They can cook, take care of their baby, paint their nails and then go out to fight crime in the world. Its all about time management.

This might be taken by many feminist fanatics to paint women in more superior lights. But why was it done?

I mean, this idea has been around for ages. Previously it was with women who would only run the household. But now the lifestyle has become even more challenging.

One reason for popularizing this myth can be to get other women to give their best shot in balancing their roles both at home and outside  

But talking from an empirical point of view, there are no facts to prove that women can multitask better than men.

I personally happen to know many women and men who are awesome at doing multiple things.

For instance, a friend of mine is a single father. After his wife’s demise, he has single-handedly brought up a kid, took care of the household and has held a strong position at his profession. He is a doctor.

There were no women around to help him. So how did he do that if we accept the premise that men are bad at multitasking?

On the other hand, I have another friend who is a girl who cannot do more than two things once. Either she is baking cookies at home and looking after the household chores, or she is running her voluntary campaigns. Never does she mix the two. I think, she can’t. She is challenged to deal with multitasking.

While I found it difficult to come in terms with the popular notion that women can multitask, others have other greater problems.

I know quite a few people who just cannot engage with the concept of multitasking. They do not think that such a concept can exist.

To many, multi-tasking is nothing but shifting between two jobs really quick. Like you are doing one job and you stop doing it, get on with another and then get back to the job that you were doing in the beginning.

Every time a person disengages from one job and goes to the next, he/she loses some amount of efficiency.

Such people feel that men and women would both do a favor to themselves and to the world if they stick to one job, finish it and then move on to the next one.

Multitasking as a concept places a lot of load on the women folks, and that is deliberate pressure applied by society.

The society expects women to do most of the work by labeling them as ‘natural multitaskers”.  This is a case of positive reinforcement which yields negative impacts.

By putting that much pressure on the women, the society is trying to get all the work done by the women while the men can relax maybe? For those reasons, the feminists should really stand up.

In fact, all women who are actually capable of doing a lot of stuff at one go must drop their duties and lie on the couch having chicken wings.

If you want to view this whole multitasking game from another angle there is yet another one on offer.

To think about if we accept the belief that women can multitask it makes the gender physiologically and biologically lesser than the other gender.

Thus it is important for all of us to accept the fact that even men partake in the multitasking efforts. They too can clean the bedroom, prepare their presentations and steel a glance at the football score chat all at once!!

The only thing is since they don’t do it often it has come to be settled on our minds that it’s the women who are shouldering all these responsibilities.

The society is made to stand on two strong pillars, men and women. Both are equally capable of shouldering responsibilities and both have their own limitations.

There is no point in glorifying a myth to make one look better or worse. Let’s all keep up with equality!


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