When we generally think of how the world is working, most of the times our society puts men on this pedestal. Despite the fact that we are living in the 21st century, women are still considered as homemakers and caretakers. Well, today I am here to put forward my opinion. Women are a lot more than just homemakers and caretakers.

Women have got the power to change all these stereotypes and get immense praise for what they do and what they are. Only women are blessed with a present by God to give birth to live on this planet. A woman’s body is blessed to nurture and grow another human within herself, which no men can do on this planet. This makes the biggest difference in how a woman runs the world.

Talking about, trends and fashion, these are also set only by women. Women have the largest scale in the world when it comes to styles and fashion. Around 85% of the world’s shoppers or consumers are considered to be women. So, they also definitely help in increasing the economy of a country. You can totally imagine what will happen if women stop shopping in the world even for a day!!!!

Women are inbuilt with the power of doing multitasking. Despite taking care of her family, she also flourishes her career and raises her family on her own. Well, we can never see a man doing the same multitasks as women even in the nearby future. It’s only the women who understand how to balance work and family.

Now let us consider the fact that in the present generation women are making up the majority of the degrees and hence are providing our country the greatest of all work-force by doing things which a typical man can do. Hence, nobody can consider women a weaker vessel in society as she is competing equally among the great men in the field of jobs as well as lifestyle.

For all those who have always believed that women are way too emotional to be superior to men, well I totally disagree with this point. We must know the fact that it takes a lot for someone to express their emotions than to hide them from the outer world, which usually men do. It’s a very good quality inbuilt in women that is to express each of their emotions and that is why they can be well understood by the other person.

About 84% of the populations consisting of single parents are single mothers. Out of which two-third ratio of these single mothers is very well employed. Also, to be true a woman earning power is about 78% of the man. But that’s fine because she has to manage a lot more than just her work. Now, can you imagine a man raising three of his children by his own and side by side managing to earn about 22% less than what his partner is earning? I know most of your answers will be no. But still, this is the ideal situation of about 12 million families in the United Nations.

Though it has been thousands of centuries since women have been looked upon by the men, but the trend is changing rapidly. The days where only men used to earn for their family and be their king was a past thing. Also, men can be physically stronger than women, but in today’s world, you need a perfect balance of emotions and strength to run their family.



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