Yoga Helps Reduce Back Pain

Yoga probably comes to mind when thinking about solutions to back pain, but after using Iyengar yoga twice a week for 6 months and studying for 6 months, participants had less pain. ..Yoga Helps Reduce Back Pain

“I had a lot of problems on my back, and the pain went to my left leg, which was really scary,” said Linmary Kuntz, 62.


She was Kuntz one of 90 people who participated in the study of Iyengar yoga.

The survey was conducted by West Virginia University. Yoga Helps Reduce Back Pain
Story by Macall Allen

Half of the people participated in 24-week yoga therapy and the other half, the control group, continued standard care.

“Low back pain, unlike treatment, has only been partially successful using a medical approach,” said the researcher’s doctor. Kimberly Williams.

Williams became interested in his Iyengar treatment style after experiencing his back pain.

When she gets better, she says she turned to helping people who have never practiced yoga.

Yoga includes a series of poses (also called poses) that emphasize breathing exercises. Posture teaches you to stretch and strengthen your muscles. This helps reduce muscle tension, build flexibility and strength, and improve bone balance and strength.


For low back pain, yoga is especially useful for the muscles that support the spine and spine, such as the paravertebral muscles that help bend the spine, the multilateral muscles that stabilize the spine, and the lateral abdominal muscles. Helps stabilize the spine.

The benefits of yoga go beyond muscle. Slow movements and continuous focus on proper breathing can improve the emotional side of back pain by reducing stress and helping to relieve anxiety and depression.

What’s Wrong

Basically, yoga is still a form of physical activity and, like other forms of exercise, can cause injuries, especially on the back. According to Dr. Elson, the main problem often occurs when people do not follow the correct shape and speed, and quickly “fall into” yoga poses without gradually “longing”.

This is similar to lifting a dumbbell and cramping with a fast rep instead of slow controlled movements or running at full speed on a treadmill without gradually increasing the tempo. As a result, you are more likely to get injured.

The yoga method uses alignment principles and the use of props to get the most out of the pose principles.

“We are trained to learn to observe when people need to adjust or adjust their puzzles,” says Siegfried Breyer, Iyengar’s yoga instructor.

Yoga Helps Reduce Back Pain
Yoga Helps Reduce Back Pain

This study, published in a journal of spinal medicine, shows that people like Kuntz can benefit and relieve their pain.

“I want to kill a tree right now, but the program really helped me, so I don’t have any back problems anymore,” Kuntz said.

Some participants in the study moved to regular yoga classes. Yoga Helps Reduce Back Pain

Williams plans to do further research in the future to add control groups backed by the group using a larger sample size.

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