Brilliant yet simple water wheel by a young social entrepreneur, Cynthia Koenig

Each day millions of females belonging to poor communities from all around the world, living in water scarce environment travel several kilometers and spend hours together to collect water from a distance source. They carry several liters of water on top of their head and walk for hours.

Learning about this problem, the young entrepreneur Cynthia Koenig wanted to do something to solve the issue or at least minimize the difficulty of these females who carry water.

Are you thinking who Cynthia Koenig is and how did she try to resolve the issue? Continue reading this article to learn more about her and her contribution to poor community girls and women around the world.

Cynthia Koenig is a young entrepreneur and anthropologist from New York. She holds a dual degree, MBA / MS from the University of Michigan’s Ross school of business and school of natural resources and environment and also a BA degree in anthropology from Trinity college. 

With her ambitious goal of serving people and providing them with clean water and reducing their effort in carrying water, she founded “Wello”.

The vision of Koenig’s Wello:

Wello is an international social venture to help people living in rural areas. The main goal of Wello is to deliver clean water to the thirsty world. The organization created an opportunity out of the water crisis problem and developed an innovative water transportation tool, the water wheel.

This organization designs and delivers their innovations at an affordable price to help people save time and increase opportunities to access water and break the families from the cycle of poverty.

All about Cynthia Koenig water wheel:

After learning about the water transporting issue, Cynthia Koenig decided to help these women by creating a new way to transport water from distant sources and she named it as “water wheel”.

  • The water wheel created by Cynthia Koenig allows people to roll water in a container.
  • The capacity of the container is around 50 liters.
  • It is available at an affordable price and is easy to handle and clean.
  • Waterwheel helps women to get water easily in less time.
  • This amazing creation is durable and helps ladies save their time and helps in reducing physical exertion. 
  • The life changing waterwheel is easy to use and is a boon to people who used to carry water from a distant source.

How will the water wheel help the girls and ladies who fetch water from distant sources?

In rural areas, ladies and young girls spend hours together in collecting water from a water source which is located far away from their home. They carry the load of water pot on top of their head and walk for miles together.

Creation of water wheel helps in saving time and energy. In turn, helps the ladies to utilize the saved time in earning few bucks for her family and at the same time young girls can utilize the saved time in education and this in turn, helps them to raise the standard of their living in a long run.

How did Cynthia Koenig founded a social enterprise company called Wello?

Cynthia Koenig used $100,000 grand challenges Canada prize to develop exceptionally brilliant and incredible water wheel and founded the company, Wello. The company is piloting water wheels not only in India’s rural areas but also in other parts of the world.

Now Koenig is planning to add additional features to waterwheels like

  • Using the rotation of the waterwheel to charge the cell phone
  • She is also planning to add filtration and
  • Kit for drip irrigation

This need of the hour tool benefit millions of women’s in India and all over the world. This invention is going to make a phenomenal difference in the lives of women and their family.

Are attractive women hired because of their looks?

Today’s scenario, looks are something being taken care of by every individual whether be a man or a woman but for most this is a matter of intense care specially or women. To look attractive at the workplace, some women lighten their hair, replace glasses with contact lenses and wear high heel shoes.

Studies reveal that managing appearance is one of the major perspectives for professional women to walk: there’s both a bonus and a penalty to being attractive in the workplace. Some researches suggests women who take more care in their appearance earn higher incomes, while on the other hand, women are seen as less capable or less qualified for their positions.

Traci Sitzmann, a management professor belonging to the University of Colorado in Denver says: the simplest part of a woman’s face- her hair and mainly the color of her hair really can make a difference in how she is seen at work. But these perceptions can be a reason for women to get hurt at workplace.

“We all have stereotypes of what it means to be a brunette, what it means to be a redhead versus a blonde,” she says. “The problem is you want women to go to work … and rise to the upper echelons of the organization. Not to sit there and manage their hair color.”

Professor Jaclyn Wong from the University of Chicago specifies the two aspects for being “attractive:” the first one is our natural appearance (symmetrical features, height) and second is the things we work on (grooming, makeup, wardrobe selection). Her research clearly found that the latter makes a remarkable difference in how women are perceived.

“So our interpretation of our findings is that for women, all of these beauty practices are more about controlling women’s behavior than it is about ‘oh, we love beautiful people,'” she says.

Wong typically emphasizes that, at different stages of a woman’s career, the perception is different and vary form one woman to the other.

Many women are awarded in the early stages of their career, but when the C-suite is crossed, everything changes.

According to Professor Wong, “Once women get into managerial positions, positions of leadership, positions of power, beauty becomes a liability because our stereotypes around beauty are that they’re incompatible with capability.”

“So if you’re too beautiful, maybe you’re not that competent. Maybe you’re a ‘dumb blonde.’ That’s a lot more true for women than it is for men.”

However, other studies have revealed the fact that, high achieving women have 6 personality traits. Another researcher now emphasizes on the fact that for surviving a high pressure environment stress tolerance is mandatory and for him this is actually one of the key aspects of personality. Many interviewers o

Also look for such kind of traits while interviewing and when it comes to testing resilience and stress handling, the following six traits are bang on. These traits have actually nothing to do with the looks of an individual, these are basically quality based traits.

1) Straight forward approach

Being straight forward in industry or at workplace means a lot. One should be able to put the correct things in front of the clients. You should be frank and clever enough to handle everything with the right attitude. One should rationally state the case but not emotionally.

2) Aggressiveness

Being a woman, the word aggressiveness sounds like a negative word, but it is one of the necessary characteristic one should possess just to have control over the things and to make the right things happen at the workplace.

It’s ‘constructive’ aggression, if you like – because it has to be balanced by…

3) Emotional Assistance

Being a leader at the workplace one should be able to understand every other one’s emotions as we all are humans and go through one or the other emotions like fear, weakness, success or failure during different stages of life. We should try to listen t and understand the feelings of others. This makes the environment more friendly and improves an individual’s performance. But where the successful woman probably makes her mark is being understanding, without allowing sentimentality to throw everything off-course.

4) Ego strength

Ego sounds like aa very big word but when taken positively, it boosts confidence and overcome challenges which is important when you aim to be at the top.There’s nothing arrogant about knowing your strengths and displaying them.

5) Energy

An energy filled day is started well with some exercises, a good diet and plenty of water which keeps you very well inspired and active throughout the day. It also enhances the quality of your performance.

When you are energetic enough you will never feel martyred about a heavy workload whether it’s a long or hectic day.

Leaders tend only to feel like that when they’re knackered; most of the time, the challenge itself is re-energizing.

6) Stress tolerance

As I have earlier mentioned in this article, stress tolerance is mandatory at any workplace. If you feel stressed, give yourself some alone time to manage our stress levels, drinking a glass of water or listening to your favorite music can help lowering your stress levels to a great extent.

The conclusion as per current scenario is that looks do matter a lot in terms of getting a job. It is quite obvious that companies are hiring mainly those female candidates who look charming and attractive. People with facial disfigurements, scars or birthmarks are less likely to get good ratings in an interview as published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Mikki Hebl, a professor of psychology at the Rice University said: “The bottom line is that how your face looks can significantly influence the success of an interview”. “There have been many studies showing that specific groups of people are discriminated against in the workplace, but this study takes it a step further, showing why it happens. The allocation of attention away from memory for the interview content explains this.”

The Myth of Women and Control

My good friend Louise Racine recently commented with surprise: It’s because most women feel so out of control in their lives that they don’t recognize or identify with the idea of how controlling their actions actually are.

I was talking to her about my observations of busy women trying to get everything done, feeling responsible for everyone in their family, overstressed with obligations at work, taking on roles that rescue, protect, serve and nurture.

Some women feel victimized by their exhaustion, the insurmountable lists of duties; beaten down by the futility of their efforts to make other people happy.

It’s sadly ironic that many women feel out of control of their lives as a direct result of spending most of their time trying to control their environment and those around them. It’s a vicious cycle and causes deep discontent and discouragement, robbing women’s spirits of joy and satisfaction.

Women are getting stuck in DOING, rather than living. Their way of demonstrating love isn’t getting the desired results.

The trap of this cycle is the often unconscious self-imposed agenda that dictates this belief:” I am the only one who can make my family happy, and/or get the job done right.”

Some women have created a specific picture that reflects that agenda and dangles like a carrot. An image of what happiness or achievement or success looks like for that family member, friend or colleague. A picture of what correct decisions look like, as if there’s only one way to paint that canvas.

The picture doesn’t usually include conflict, disappointment, struggle or failure, so when those unexpected occurrences interfere with the image you’re trying to fulfill, you may dig into your resolve and try even harder to get back on that track.

The thing is conflict, disappointment and failure are part of our emotional and spiritual growth. They are necessary detours, teachers and disciplinarians in the maturing process. Closed doors point to open ones. Our way is not the only way.

It comes down to whether your actions honour or dishonour boundaries. My clients are shocked when I suggest that it’s the height of arrogance to think we know better for others than they do for themselves.

We certainly are entitled to an opinion, we’re just not necessarily entitled to share it at will. We’re definitely not entitled to insist that we’re right, even when we believe we are and that our way will guarantee better results.

Lessons learned from mistakes are part of a healthy integrated life. People are entitled to disagree with us, to not listen to good advise. It’s called Free Will.

Sometimes our noble intention to protect someone else is a disservice to the life process that their choice is taking them through. It’s not up to me or you to deny anyone their growth process, however painful it is to watch. The philosophy to Live and let live is at least worth at a try.

The respect inherent in the choice not to interfere in someone’s life is awesome.

For example: How about taking a deep breath and give someone space to practice reaching out for help, a chance to dig in deep and dare to trust, hope, leap, rather than deny the person you love so much that life enhancing experience when you rush to take care of the situation.

How about trusting your friend to know what’s right for herself. How about showing your generosity by believing in your spouse enough to know what the best thing to do is. How about letting someone figure it out all alone, as you loyally silently stand by should help be requested.

Unless there are young children involved or it’s life threatening, it’s almost always none of our business what another person decides to do- about hair colour, boyfriend, décor, job, divorce, purchase, change.

Wanting to save someone the heartache from what you believe to be a poor decision may feel like a natural impulse, a good thing to do and the correct course of action, but it’s rarely ultimately in the best interest of the one you are intending to protect.

My father couldn’ save me from the experiences that hurt me, but he did wisely reassure me I’d never die from a broken heart. That helped me immeasurably in developing stamina through the tears, along with what I learned first hand about what I did and didn’t want in future relationships.

However his disapproval of the relationships I chose to end, or which I wasn’t interested in even considering to begin, caused some of the bitterest arguments between us and the damage lasted for years. Of course he wanted me to be happy, however it was according to the picture in his mind about how happiness could be achieved.

My mother did all she could to steer me into a career that seemed secure in her eyes. As a teenager I was considering art school and she strongly suggested I study as a medical illustrator when I refused to think about her idea that I become a Pharmacist. An ugly argument followed. When I was in my 2nd year of my Fine Arts degree she suggested I at least train as a teacher so that I could get a job when I graduated. That was good advise for the skills I learned while taking that 2nd degree, however the public school system felt like a noose on my spirit. I never got a full time teaching job much to her displeasure.

Throughout my years developing and facilitating Aziza Healing Adventures, my mother would somberly ask me about my plan ‘B’. Finally in her last reflective years as she battled cancer, my mother recognized and shared that she could never do what I do, never live without the security of a paycheck, benefits and pension plan. She recognized and finally respected that I had a fundamentally different way of living than she did. It finally occurred to her that I wasn’t wrong. She saw that I was making my happiness and admired my vision for myself.

It took most of my adult life to realize that rather than criticizing me, my mother was trying to protect me from her worst nightmare of uncertain future and financial insecurity, born from the rubble of her experiences in Germany in WWII. My mother couldn’t save me from my true self-expression which from a conventional world perspective unwisely courts insecurity. I’m OK living on the unconventional edge. It’s my choice. It’s my calling.

No matter how good your intentions, if you are too busy trying to run other peoples lives while you are not at all focused on meeting your own needs, no one wins. It is a guaranteed No-Win scenario.

Resentment breeds rampant in these martyred situations. Disappointment and misunderstanding thrive. Blame rides on the tail of guilt trips. Secret and sometimes unreasonable expectations drive wedges in relationships that pierce the flow of harmony.

When you do something you really don’t want to do, people can smell it from a hundred paces. And don’t think you’re beyond having strings all over your generous gesture. Just check in with your resentment meter for a glimpse of what’s really going on inside you when people don’t co-operate the way they should with your brand of giving.

The picture in our minds that drives this engine of madness dictates:

I want you to do this because I believe it will make you happy. I need you to be happy so that I can be happy. So do what I tell you.

Or, I want to take care of/ rescue/ nurture you because then you will need me, and I will feel important and valuable. I will feel loveable.

Or, if you see how well I get the job done, how competent I am, then I will feel important, valuable, successful. I will feel that I am good enough. I am worthy.

That’s the rub. That’s the centre for control. It’s ultimately all about you and how you want to feel. It’s about your need to feel happy, loveable, worthy.

And it doesn’t work! Are you happy yet? Are you there yet? Are you enough yet? The picture in your mind is the illusion that feeds your feelings of futility.

The GOOD NEWS is that there’s a simple way out.

One of the most repeatedly sad moments for me as a therapist is how often women look at me in wonder when I suggest that it is an option to consider taking time to discover what their own needs are. It is a viable option to ask directly to get their needs met.

Just for a change of pace, as an experiment, why not simply focus on getting your needs met directly, find out what might make you happy, content, satisfied, relieved or whatever feeling it is you are reaching for through another person’s life.

My invitation is to all of you.

Take that bath, let someone else pick up the kids, cancel that appointment, say ‘No’ to the favour asked. When you realize the price is too high for you to keep a commitment dare to disappoint someone’s expectations- do it as an act of outrageous personal loyalty.

Ask yourself everyday, “What do I want?” and listen. It could be to sleep, to leave, to quit, to eat ice cream. It could be to buy that new shed, fix that broken thing, hire a helping hand, go to the party alone. It could be to cry, to call a friend, to adopt the pet you’ve always wanted.

Imagine all that delicious time and energy you’ll have when you finally dare to mind YOUR OWN business!

Dialing your desires and needs into your daily life list of things to do is ultimately the best decision you can make.

It’s a magnificent role you can model to your children, family, and friends.

Self-care is the best and healthiest use of your masterful control skills.


Humor at work is often restricted to workplace related jokes which mostly involve mocking the boss or imitating fellow colleagues in their absence. This culture can eventually turn your office into a humor-desert where no joy and laughter grows. As a result, you may end up working among people with dry jokes and burnout which lowers the general workforce’s morale and brings on poor results. Give your office jokes a romantic touch to help you change the dull office culture in a manner that bolsters your career prospects.

Humor and Popularity

Crack romantic jokes in the office to stand out from the rest since the jokes bring out your bold and fearless traits besides making you appear witty and human. You can, for example, tell a colleague that you’ve defaulted on your love diet because you haven’t laid eyes on him or her for three days.

You can alternatively say, “I was dreaming that you and I are getting married in paradise when my alarm went off and it got me thinking why does work always come between us.” Jokes of these kinds raise your popularity bar, inspiring many of your colleagues to back you up when a higher rank falls vacant. A move that increases your of chances of moving up the professional ladder.

Humor and Efficiency

“Hello angel, how was heaven when you left it? You come to guide me through the world of love this morning?” This is an example of a witty joke that can make a colleague find you easy to talk and approachable whenever he or she is in need of your professional opinion. You will as result be able to discuss numerous concepts with various coworkers, making it possible to boost your professionalism and productivity in a manner that’s likely to hand you a promotion letter.

Humor and Networking

Complementing your colleagues beauty aspects in a captivating way makes it difficult for them to forget you. A joke such as, can you please bring the file we talked about and a pencil with a rubber at the bottom-tip since I want to erase your past and jot down our future is memorable. People will consequently grow found of you and introduce you to a wider network of friends or professionals who can help you get a better job in another company or sail up the ranks in your current organization.

Humor and Creativity

Showcase your creativity by weaving your romantic jokes with the perfect workplace situations at random to catch your workmates unaware and to make your jokes sound funnier. Drop a joke such as, “You must be a magician because each time I look in your direction, everybody disappears”. This joke can bring out your creativity if you’re moderating a meeting, for example, and you find yourself giving a specific workmate more chances to speak compared to the rest of them. This could be because he or she understands the matter at hand better than others.

Make romantic jokes general or make yourself the clown in the joke when speaking in high-power company meetings attended by the company’s high ranking officials. This enables you to avoid embarrassing your colleagues whom you may hit with a similar joke directly under the normal office environment.


1 in 4 people suffers from depression or another kind of mental illness at some point in their life. You probably know somebody who suffers from it, whether that be a friend or even a close family member. Below you can find a list of the things you should NEVER say to anymore who is suffering from the disease. It can be easy to go down the route of saying these words, but you really need to think carefully about what you say when you are around somebody who has depression.

1. “What have you got to be depressed about?”

Depression isn’t usually about one certain thing and asking the sufferer, what they are depressed about can make them feel even worse. The truth is they probably don’t know themselves whats wrong with them, so explaining to you is almost impossible. Give them the option to talk to you if they want to, but don’t push it – if they want to open up, they will.

2. “You’ll feel better tomorrow.”

Depression does not go away overnight and telling somebody that they will feel better tomorrow, could make them have false hope or feel like a failure. Instead of saying this, remind them that things CAN get better in the future and guide them in the right direction (counseling or visiting a doctor.)

3. “I know how you feel, my neighbors cat had depression.”

This is an absolutely ridiculous thing to say to someone with depression and can make them feel insignificant. No two people who suffer from depression will be going through the same thing. We are all individual and will deal with the illness in different ways. Telling them the facts about depression like how many people have it, might make them feel not so alone but you should never brush off their emotions.

4. “You’re bringing me down.”

Depression is not a choice and telling somebody that their making YOU sad, by being sad is not going to help the situation. Psychiatrist and doctors have said that people with depression feel helpless, this kind of comment could really drive them over the edge. If you are a true friend of this person in your life, you will support them no matter what. Just remember that they are not feeling this way on purpose and they need your support now, more than ever.

5. “Let’s go out, get drunk and forget about it.”

This disease is not like having a bad day, it’s like having many bad days piled on top of each other. Getting drunk isn’t going to help things, in-fact – alcohol and depression can be a horrible combination. Instead of saying something so ridiculous, suggest going for a coffee and a chat.

If you have never had depression, you have absolutely no idea what it feels like and you should think before you say things to somebody who is suffering from it. The best thing you can be is 100% totally there for them and understanding throughout this bad period in their life. When they come out the other end, they will remember your loyalty and will be so grateful.


In the modern busy corporate environment, one often finds themselves in a state of disarray from a host of duties they are scheduled to perform at any particular time. One thing that people usually ignore is the element of refreshing their brain occasionally, as the amount of work to be done always surpasses the time allocated. Nonetheless, rib-cracking laughs between periods of work can not only motivate, but also make one feel less tired. Humor serves to refresh your brain and enhance your creativity. At the workplace therefore, take short breaks from the duty to watch some comic strips of even office cartoons- after all, work without play made Jack a dull boy. Some of the best work place comic strips and cartoons that will leave you in stitches are outlined here below.

1. The Glass Ceiling

One thing most people value is a hearty laugh, it saves you the frown which only expedite wrinkle-growth on your face. With funny phrases like, ‘They’ve been like this ever since Mary presented her report. It’s the worst case of paralysis by analysis I’ve ever seen! The glass ceiling will make you laugh your work-worries away and renew your energy to work even more.

2. Not a Morning Person

And here comes another cartoon that will leave your stomach hurting at the workplace. Not a morning person also commonly referred to as the ‘Early Morning Meeting’ highlights funny events office people undergo from the time they wake up until the leave for their jobs. So yeah, the cartoon not only lets you laugh yourself silly but also touches on your real life.

3. When I Grow Up

Ha! Ha! Ha! I just laughed. Ever wondered what happened to your ‘huge’ childhood dreams? Well, you will reflect on your ‘I want to be a rocket scientist’ dream and wonder what happened to it, now that you are just clueless sitting there flipping from one accounting sum to the other.

4. The Maternity Leave

If you are a corporate-woman, you might probably be interested in this gut-splitting comic strip. Imagine the day your maternity leave application was approved; now, imagine yourself three months later reporting to work. Confused and acting like a newbie, the faces and cues plus the actions that characterize the corporate manager in this short strip will leave you roaring with laughter.

5. Only A Military Man

This comic strip focuses on leadership at the workplace. Wallowing in the miasma of confusion, various characters in this strip cannot to agree who should and who should not be a leader. As one man thinks only a military man has the patriotism to be a leader, the other insists that a business has the required experience to, yet the third one feels that the scientist has the required intelligence; as if not enough, another oppose suggest that lawyers are the best. Who do you think is the best? As you search your mind for the answer, time is whiling away. In addition to letting you laugh yourself to tears, this office cartoon makes those long eight working hours seem like seconds.

On the whole, despite the laughter, the fun and the comedy, you have to complete your task for the day. It is therefore only fair that you watch very short comic strips which will not take much of your time and compromise your work. Mentioned above are such strips.


The types of jokes and riddles that you tell your friends, may not be appropriate in a work setting. Therefore, if you want to improve the networking relationship that you have with your coworkers via jokes or riddles, you need to ensure that the riddle is equally funny and clean at the same time. Here are 8 work friendly riddles that you can utilize the next time you’re around your colleagues and coworkers, along with some do’s and dont’s pertaining to workplace humor.

Considerations To Take Before Making Jokes

Whenever you intend to demonstrate your humor to your colleagues and coworkers, not only must the riddle/joke be funny and clean, it needs to have some wittiness to it. Simply said, people will take an individual who makes silly riddles as a joke, but if your riddles have some whit to it, they will perceive you as being clever. Here are 8 primary examples, of interestingly witty, clean yet funny riddles.

1) Short Riddle

One of the most simple riddles out there, that is sure to tantalize he minds of your colleagues is this: What word becomes shorter if you add just two letters to it ? The answer is short.

2) Third Child

Davidson’s mother had three children. The first child was named May. The second child was named June. What is the name of the third child ? The answer is Davidson.

3) Mt. Everest

Back in 1852, an Indian mathematician from Bengal, was the first to identify Everest as the world’s highest peak. But prior to this, what was the tallest peak ? Mt. Everest.

4) Camera

In America, you can not take pictures of a man with a wooden leg Why ? Because you cannot take pictures with a wooden leg.

5) Egg Yolk

One of my favorite of all times is this: Which is the correct statement to make: “The yolks of the egg is white” or “The yolk of an egg is white” The answer is neither, the yolk of an egg is yellow.

6) Runner

How far can you actually run into the woods ? About half way, any further than that and essentially, you’ll be running out of the woods.

7) Questionnaire

What type of animal continuously asks one worded question, but never seems to get an answer. The answer is an Owl.

8) Paradox

Vincent got caught lying to her teacher again. Her teacher proclaimed that she had enough and told her, “Come here Vincent!” The teacher said, “I’ve had enough, I want you to make a statement and if it is true you will get detention, but, if it is false, I will suspend you.” The question is, what did Vincent say that got here teacher frustrated to the point that she didn’t even suspend her ? The answer is, Vincent said “I will be suspended.”

Types Of Humor To Avoid At the Work Place

Those for prime examples of what clean, work friendly humor is. Regardless of the type of humor that you wish to demonstrate to your colleagues and friends ensure that you avoid these type of humor:

  • Racial stereotypes
  • Gender stereotypes
  • Jokes at other’s expense
  • Cultural references
  • Juvenile/sophomoric
  • Self deprecating
  • Satirical
  • Religion


The science of saving money has always a tough subject for many women to handle. However, those women who have been able to master skills needed have always had an easy time when making huge investments.

Do Women Learn Saving Tips from their Mothers?

The answer is yes. Many women often learn about saving tips from their mothers especially when they need to grow their financial leverage from one level to another. The number of women learning financial education especially when saving money from their mothers has exponentially increased over the last couple of years. Research has shown that those women who have learnt saving tips from their mothers often have a higher chance of financial freedom when compared to those without financial education from their mothers.

However, it is important for mothers to learn about several economic factors that can help them make huge savings whenever they are seeking options from the market. Here are saving tips that you can learn if you need to gain financial freedom:

First, women need to change their attitude through savings. The process of saving often starts in the mind especially when you need to get it right. When you change your mind set about saving, you will always get it right when looking for financial freedom from the investments that you would make from your savings.

It is also important that you write a list of your shopping when you want to save money. When you have a budget, you are less likely to spend less money at the same time avoiding impromptu buying. Through your budget, you will be able to identify what you need when shopping in the market if you want to save some money. Just like mothers who know the needs of the home, you will always learn on the saving tips that you should know when buying.

Buying bulk is another saving tip that your mother should teach you as a daughter. When you buy bulk, you are likely to save huge amounts of money when making your choice. Through this process, you will be able save money you spend on your overall monthly and yearly shopping from the shopping outlets.

You must avoid acquiring bank loan and credit cards. With these loans and credit cards, you will always pay more money due to accrued interests that comes with the prices. However, with a guide, you will always learn on the ways of saving money whenever you need to make investments from savings.

Seeking an expert help from financial experts can also be another option that you can choose when you need to start saving. Since they have ideas on how to save money, they will teach you on ways of adhering to your budget when you need to save money in the process. In the end, you will learn on common ways of saving money.

In conclusion, the subject of financial wisdom is a common problem that many women often have especially when they need to gain financial freedom easily through saving.


We often indulge in the fact that being busy can help us to ignore many unnecessary interventions. You can simply close your eyes from the rest of the world and stay occupied with what’s essential and necessary. Well, I second the idea of being busy and do what you mean to do better.

Busy or pretending to be working: what are you doing?

Emma and Mila are two different types of people: only two, who are comparative, opposite to each other and with different characteristics. Between them Emma is among the ones, who stay busy and spend the most hours of the day, doing productive stuff, learning new things, trying new ideas, experimenting with their lifestyle changes and run out of time at the day out.

Then there is another species, called Mila, who is acting to be busy for the entire day. Acting because she is in love with the concept of being busy without actually being so. I mean that, at the end of the day, she too runs out of time. But alas! If one can judge the productivity of Mila for the day, it’s as less as zero. Thus, it is clear that she doesn’t make the best use of her time. She lets her time to swirl-swirl-swirl and gets tangled into it.

But being pretendingly busy can get you nothing

Emma, like many other peoples, starts her day with planning. She spends some hours to decide how she will follow the routine of that day, working, eating, sleeping, enjoying or doing whatever. She fixates reasonable time for each of her task and rests only when she achieves her daily targets. Her time before bed is spent analyzing herself.

In the case of Mila, she follows a different lifestyle- an intimidating one. She wakes up with no plan. Then she starts her day with surfing the social media accounts to check who and who have liked her posts or other useless stuff. Then after the day is half passed, she plans to do some work. The work starts with thinking about what she can do for the day. The usage of mobile phone, social network, many power naps peep into her work-time in-between.

If you can judge both the scenario, you can understand that being busy is utterly different from being productive. If you are focused, competent and known to the fact that the best use of everything can get you to want, then you can get enough time to do other stuff too.

But if Mila reflects your personality then boss you are suitable for nothing. Neither are you being busy, nor you are free to do other things.

Rest a while, being busy and tired won’t win you trophies

Similar to other vital factors, we need enough time to take rest. You can easily survive a week being on a food diet. But think about how you can feel being on a sleep diet. If you don’t allow your body to take enough rest for 6 to 8 hours, how it can function efficaciously?

If you turn on a machine and leave it to stay switched on for hours and hours, what will happen next? It will simply collapse. Same goes with your life and body too. Enough resting gets you a restored and revamped body functioning. You don’t need to drag your body and don’t need to push it instead, to do the required and mandatory stuff, You body stays hydrated from inside out and stays active to let you do your works.

A restless, busy and tired body is a home for many negative factors, including dizziness, laziness, a brain without recreation and may be many diseases. Insomnia, poor digestion, Ineffective brain functioning are among the consequences that you encounter when staying “Busy” is what you choose.

Don’t just stay busy, give your mind to breath for a while

It is a complete myth that you only need to sleep to get rest. The significant influencer “Sadguru” says that resting is when your mind and soul need a pause for a while and not merely your body.

Thus, to keep yourself in a resting mode, you can simply choose to do some fun activities that cost you no physical effort but let you get rejuvenated from inside. This may include:

  • Watching Movie
  • Listening to music
  • Going Out with friends
  • Shopping
  • Indulging yourself into art and crafts etc.

Don’t get broke in busy-ness:

If you don’t control your time to the role in a better and planned way, and if you remain busy for the entire day and end up doing nothing- you will be broke. In one hand, when you will be losing great opportunities to do things for your own betterment at the right time, you will also feel the emptiness in your relationships and even with thyself.


At the end all I want to say that staying busy is good, but stay busy with a purpose. That’s more rewarding than staying busy doing nothing. There is nothing more successful than the time you planned well, the time you lived being you. You can’t win trophies for being busy, but can be the best member of your family, the best employee at your job and maybe the best entrepreneur or the best of what you do, by doing that with proper planning and execution. Not merely being ever-occupied.


Who says women cannot be inspiring? Who says women cannot invent things for the welfare of society? Well, there is nothing which women cannot do or you can say there is hardly anything that a woman cannot do. Within this article, I am going to share some latest news about a women’s creation that is going to inspire a lot of us.

Whether you go to a shopping mall or to shop grocery from a grocery store, a bag is all you need as your daily essential. Most of the time plastic bags come to our rescue. But do you really know that how our environment gets affected by the use of these plastic bags? These plastic bags come at a very high cost to the environment and negatively affect human health.

Several cities globally have banned the use of plastic bags and many of the countries have already made strict laws against the use of plastic bags. Cities of China has even banned the use of plastic in their regions whereas Bangladesh and India have only banned the use and sale of polythene bags which usually have a thickness of fewer than 50 microns.

In New Delhi, plastic has been one of the major polluters of marine litter, choking drains, and even cause heavy floods. These plastic bags are even one of the major reasons for the death of various animals (generally caused by the use of polythene that is less than 50 micron). This has become an alarming situation which urgently needed some alternative for these plastic bags.

A resident of Jharkhand, Shanvi Gupta who is 27 years old, has designed a bag which is an equivalent alternative for plastic bags and even better. Shanvi is a student of NID (National Institute of Design). In her graduation project, she decided to explore some feasible options that can be really helpful in replacing the huge volume of plastic bags.

Shanvi in one of her interview said that she has always been concerned about the various factors that are adversely affecting the environment. Polythene bags are one of them for which she has always been concerned about. So being a design student, she decided to design some bio-degradable and eco-friendly material that can replace the plastic bags. The bags designed by her can be used by people of every age group, gender, and class for their day-to-day activities.

Shanvi started her research from Amul Milk Centers, considering the fact that the volume of plastic bags used in milk production centers is way more. She conducted research for about 6-8 months and observed the consumers behavior and their types of requirements. All the research has been done with the support and collaboration with major jute industries such as National jute board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India and the dairy cooperative Amul. Shanvi used to sit outside the dairy parlors every day and observe them carefully.

It is very important to observe the behavior of the consumers before designing any product or material. Amul milk centers have a wide range of consumers, which is why Shanvi used to observe the people and how they used to carry their bags. She used to observe several other things like how the two-wheeler’s consumer used to hook up their bags on to their vehicle, the age groups that generally come to buy milk, the number of bags they used to purchase and so on. All these things she kept in her mind while designing the bags. To make the concept of these bags more approachable, Shanvi gave these bags a hint of fashion that can attract the buyers.

Shanvi developed a variety of bags which includes balloon bags, potli, see-through and many other such bags.  The cost of these bags is generally higher than that of the normal plastic bags, but the milk companies have been requesting the National jute company to provide these bags at subsidized rates. This jute bag’s project is going to get implemented within 200 milk centers across the city of Ahmedabad. A total of about 10000 jute bags are going to be prepared by the local vendors in the upcoming few days or months.

These eco-friendly bags were also launched on the NID campus in the presence of many famous personalities like the director of NID, Pradyumna Vyas, Managing director of Gujrat’s cooperative milk marketing, RS Sodhi and the secretary of National jute board, Arvind Kumar. If this project will be proved successful in the nearby future, then it is going to take command in the other parts of the country too.

We need many more inspiring people like Shanvi in our country so as to improve the environmental conditions of our country. We all must highly appreciate the revolutionary step so as to bring changes in our country towards its betterment. Shanvi’s creation is going to inspire a lot of women in our country to think similarly and unite themselves to create something beneficial for society.