Coconut oil often gets a bad first reaction from people because they automatically assume that since it is a fat, it’s gotta be bad for you and it’s gotta add pounds to your bottom line.

While it is true that even with the healthiest fats, one must watch their intake, and as with everything else, moderation is key, coconut oil is in fact excellent for you.

It has so many nutritious properties, and it also happens to be one of the healthiest oils to cook in because it’s nutritional properties remain fairly stable at higher temperatures, unlike a lot of other healthy fats such as olive oil and canola oil.  It is wonderful for vegan recipes as well.

Coconut oil is also DELICIOUS to cook with. It maintains an oily texture that not a lot of other oils do.

It doesn’t just completely absorb into your foods and disappear, making them dry and tasteless. Instead, it sticks to your food, giving it an oily texture that tastes absolutely delicious. 

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I have a recipe that some may consider “fattening” but in fact I could eat it every day for breakfast in moderation and probably not gain any weight.  Why? Because it contains potatoes, which are a resistent starch.

Ginger Potatoes in Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Resistent starches actually retard the release of the insulin raising carbs they contain into your blood stream, so they are a little better for you than say, something like pasta, which releases sugar into the blood almost instantly, and sets the stage for the shaky hungers mere hours after they are consumed.

Potatoes stick with you a little more.  And when cooked in coconut oil, they really stick with you longer, I’ve found. Without further ado, here is my gingery potatoes in coconut oil recipe.

Start off with five medium fully baked red skin potatoes (good for the fiber and vitamins in the skins).  Keep the skins on. Cube the potatoes.  Put about one Tablespoon of virgin, organic coconut oil, which is solid, in the frying pan.


At this point you may add a teaspoon of powedered ginger, or a little more fresh ground ginger to the pan.  Also you may add diced red onions and some seasoned salt for extra flavor. 

I like to also put a dash of garlic powder or fresh ground garlic in too, as I love the flavor of garlic, and it has many wonderful health properties.

Add your diced potatoes, and fry them at medium heat until they are coated in the wonderful, scented, flavorful coconut oil. Enjoy!  You can add some diced tomatoes for extra antioxidants as well!

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