Can Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

Planning a baby or not a pregnancy test is extremely crucial for any woman missing periods or facing a delay to be sure and plan your next step. Not knowing can be dangerous for precautions must be taken as early as possible in any case, you keep the pregnancy or not.

While missing periods is a sign, it could be a case of delayed periods as well and that’s exactly why you need to confirm before reaching out to a gynecologist and taking a pregnancy test at the hospital.

Yes, it can be if it’s taken too early like there are some brands of pregnancy kits for Home Pregnancy Test claims to do a pregnancy test as soon as six-day before your period scheduled date. This might be possible depending on the difference between the date of unprotected sex and the test being taken and if the difference is less than 10 days then the accuracy rate, in this case, is pretty low.

Thus, testing becomes important but the first question that hits your mind is the Pregnancy Test Accuracy which brings us to, can pregnancy test be wrong?

There are various ways to test your pregnancy, which includes both medical tests and home remedies. 

Pregnancy Test: Methods

  • Pregnancy Test By Blood or Urine- Clinical
  • Home Pregnancy Test
  • Pregnancy Test Home Remedies

How Soon Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

A pregnancy test can be taken as soon as you miss periods because that’s when you realize the possibilities. You can take a test 10 days after having unprotected sex as well to test your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Test You Can Take Early

Unexpected pregnancy or not, the news of pregnancy changes your life and that is the reason it’s so important to know and be aware but especially in the case of unwanted pregnancy. Thus, the requirement of pregnancy test you can take early, each additional day with a fetus calls for more complications. It is always sooner the better and the tests that can come super handy to you in such a situation is the Home Pregnancy Test.

Pregnancy Test When To Do

After the first Pregnancy Test Check, a thought that’s very common to women expecting is about the credibility of the test result.

Doubting the pregnancy test accuracy, a lot of people are seen doing Pregnancy Test Check more than one time using either the same method or trying different ones. The one common factor that affects the result of the tests, be it any type is the time of the Pregnancy test.

To think of a pregnancy test when to do, it is important to understand that fertilization takes up to 24 hours after unprotected sex. Pregnancy test check is based on the hCG level found in the blood and urine of a conceiving female body may take up to 10 days to be detected.

So the best time to take a pregnancy test is after 10 days of fertilization or when you miss your periods. Also, doctors and pharmacists suggest using the first-morning urine for the Pregnancy Test for the best results.

Now that the ‘When to do’ of Pregnancy Test is sorted, it’s time to answer the next vital question, the ‘How to do’. 


Pregnancy Test By Blood

Home Pregnancy Test

Home Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test at home is the fastest and easiest way to do a pregnancy test check at the privacy of your home. Also, prescribed by doctors for initial testing Home Pregnancy Test Kits are easily available in the medical shops and are pretty cheap compared to that of other clinical pregnancy tests.

Home Pregnancy Test can be performed in no time and requires no help. You just have to take the stick, pee on a particular section, preferably the first pee in the morning and wait for a few seconds for the lines to show up.

The first line is known as the control line which means there’s no pregnancy while two lines showing up means you have conceived.

Also, before doing the test, you can check your Home Pregnancy Test Kit with water to check if its working fine. 

What next? The obvious but the most important question, can pregnancy test be wrong?

Pregnancy Test Accuracy

Pregnancy test accuracy varies from method to method and actually, the pregnancy test result also depends on the time too, if not done at or after the pregnancy test best time, pregnancy test accuracy may falter. In general, the Pregnancy Test by Blood or Urine has the highest accuracy rate followed by the pregnancy test accuracy for Home Pregnancy Test. But, did you know there are other ways to do a pregnancy test check and that is through using pregnancy test home remedies.

Pregnancy Test “False Positive”

The pregnancy test accuracy is an important factor to consider because there are chances of pregnancy test false positive that gives you a positive result even if you are not pregnant and that may happen for various reasons. The reasons for pregnancy test false positive may run from hormonal imbalance due to medications to immature pregnancy or embryo formation with complication which would eventually lead to automatic miscarriage or abortion.

You must keep in mind that the Pregnancy Test Negative results mostly occur due to two main reasons, one, early testing and two, error. 

Both home pregnancy tests and clinical pregnancy test methods can be wrong if the pregnancy test is done in less than 10 days of fertilization. Even if you have missed your periods because many a time ovulation gets delayed, which may cause a pregnancy test false negative result despite conceiving. To avoid this, try the test again after a week.

Also expired Home Pregnancy Test kits cannot be trusted. There are reasons for mentioning the dates on the packets, remember that and be careful. Also, read the manual given with the Home Pregnancy test Kit properly, even if you think you are an expert, different brands have different specifications so be sure you have read them before taking the test to avoid getting mislead unnecessarily.

Some brands show the positive result with two lines and many others that indicate the positive pregnancy test result with one line also the time to put the stick through the stream may differ from brand to brand.To overcome your doubts you have another set of pregnancy tests that can be super handy in situations like these when you don’t know whether to trust the results or not.

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Pregnancy Test Home Remedies

Pregnancy Test Home Remedies is the ‘most’ easiest way to do a pregnancy test at home without facing any embarrassment at all because the ingredients needed to do the test is easily available in your kitchen or household pantry and even if not then too there’s no shame in going to the store and buying sugar, salt, toothpaste, baking soda or soap at your nearest store.

There might be a situation when you are at a remote location and cannot reach a  pharma-shop or there are no Home Pregnancy Test Kits available at the store, now this is one-moment when you realize the importance of knowing Pregnancy Test Home Remedies. When we say it comes handy, we mean handy, nothing can be more useful than this.

Pregnancy Test With Sugar

Sugar, a common ingredient in every household can be of help not just with unexpected guests but also with family (your baby). It helps you to test your pregnancy easily and very fast. In a few minutes, sugar can tell you if you are pregnant or not only if you know how to use it. For the women who don’t know the process, below is your solution.

Pregnancy Test How To Use Sugar

Sugar is very simple to use and the science behind the pregnancy test home remedy is very simple. You have to take a tablespoon of sugar, preferably powder in a pot or a container and then pour your urine in it and then wait for the reaction. If the sugar dissolves easily making it a solution then you haven’t conceived but if the sugar starts forming lumps and takes a lot of time dissolving then its news good or bad you decide!

The hCG hormone that is released during your initial pregnancy does not react with sugar and can’t dissolve it. 

Pregnancy Test With Salt

The best way to soothe your anxiety around your pregnancy is common salt, as that’s one ingredient present in all kitchens which means easily available and superfast as the test takes two to three hours max to give results. The salt test is one of the best pregnancy test home remedies and the pregnancy test accuracy for this one is pretty high compared to the other home remedy tests.

Pregnancy Test How To Use Salt

You will need a bowl first and add some common salt to it. Take your urine into the bowl or a container, it would be good if you choose a transparent one for the test. Also, use your first-morning pee as this increases the pregnancy test accuracy. Mix a spoonful of salt to the container filled with urine and then wait for 2-3 hours.

Pregnancy Test Result

If the solution remains unchanged even after 3 hours, the test result is negative which means you are not pregnant but if the solution turns milky white then positive it is, you have conceived.

Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another easily available ingredient that can be used to do a simple and fast pregnancy test in the comfort of your home. But there’s a little catch, the toothpaste required for the test has to be a white one. This toothpaste test is most convenient in the list of pregnancy test home remedies because both the first pee and toothpaste are part of your morning and both available in the loo which makes it easier for you to keep everything hush-hush without attracting much attention.

Pregnancy Test How To Use Toothpaste

By now, we know the basic ingredient is your morning pee along with toothpaste for this test in a container and then wait for the reaction to happen. Wait for a few hours to take the result as confirmation.

Pregnancy Test Result

Again, no reaction means no conception and you will need to try again if you are planning a baby and if your urine becomes frothy then it’s time to run to the doctor.

Pregnancy Test With Baking Soda

Another ingredient from the kitchen can be used to test your pregnancy and that is baking soda. Not common like the other test ingredients in this list e.g. salt, sugar, and toothpaste but not that uncommon as well.

Pregnancy Test How To Use Baking Soda

Take your first urine in a container or a glass preferably transparent mix it with baking soda and wait for the reaction.

Pregnancy Test Result

Like always, no reaction suggests pregnancy test results negative but bubbles are indicative of the embryo forming inside that tummy of yours. If you are not planning a baby then you need to rush to a doctor right away for delay poses threat and complications to abortion. But, even in the case of a planned pregnancy, you should go see a doc asap for the delay, in this case, might affect the health of you and your baby.

Pregnancy Test With Soap

Bathroom ingredients make pregnancy tests easier and confidential, the very reason why people use pregnancy test home remedies. To make your life easy, here’s how you can do a pregnancy test with a soap.

Pregnancy Test How To Use Soap

This time instead of taking a container, try to take a plate-like structure with a flat base where you can lay your soap. The size of the soap doesn’t matter because the reaction will anyways happen if it has to. Pour your first urine fresh on the soap bar and wait to see the reaction.

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Pregnancy Test Result

You will not require much time for either taking the pregnancy test check or to get the pregnancy test result. If the urine causes bubble formation and the solution turns into a greenish hue then its a positive sign, you are soon to be a mommy. No reaction means negative which too can bring a lot of relief at times.

From clinical tests to home pregnancy tests and not to forget the list of pregnancy test home remedies, we have covered it all. The pregnancy test accuracy may not be equal for all the methods but a combination of them can be pretty useful to get a good enough result for the first stage because eventually a positive result or missed periods for long will lead you to a gynecologist.

But after reading this handbook, you will be able to answer two things for sure- Are you Pregnant? And Can Pregnancy Test Be Wrong?

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